Final Rebalance Request

True. But those are more of a bug issue, than a feedback issue.

They’re more like a feature now

Analytic is only usefull the way it is, its not even op as of now. Otherwise its gonna be just about using Stalker.

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True - against premades that move effectively, it is really hard to be able to scan all FT members in a single match.

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Add a speed and health boost perk for Predator and buff Impenetrable to 25%, if its going to be that damm expensive to have, then the payoff better be worth it.

Also, I see that love for them Isabelle buffs, she needs them!

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Dutch 25 would become the second tankiest class in the game right next to Dante with 45% explosive resistance while sprinting. I use him mainly for good reason, I disagree with this one. Instead increase his perks by 3 stamina pool by 100 and possibly increase his speed by .1 to clock at 7.3; That way, players can still throw Thick Skin on him if they want but prevent getting to 200 health as him. While I agree Dutch 25 should be the GOAT because I mean… C’mon… He’s Dutch, been hunting preds most of his life. But giving him Support health would just make him meta, better than most. Fast mud, hipfre accuracy, good specs, more perks than Support too. Imo, he’d be a better choice than 87 since the effective health would trump 87 by default without any perk changes, and even taking mud damage resist into consideration.

Thoughts, Skoolboy?


Assault would still have more damage and gear.

Support would still be better at keeping teammates alive.

Scout would still be faster and have significantly more damage especially with pistols.

Recon would still be the only class with 8 second spot potential.

Dante would still be tankier while sprinting, faster, has more gear, and more perk points.


An easy way to make the game more fun would be to Nerf the hammer head and buff the ARW. This would switch up the main assault rifle and would make the game more fun.

I’m actually amazed the hammerhead never got a nerf due to it being the best AR in the game. It’s strong, accurate, has a ton of ammo, and a grenade launcher, why would anyone bother with anything else other than the SAWZ.

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The Mercenary is basically a stronger Hammerhead, without sights or extended mags.

The GOSL(scar) has the best damage per hit at close range and one of the lowest recoil patterns, except compared to the QR4.

The AR-W(AK) has the best close range DPS, greater than 20% more than the Hammerhead, while also having the second highest damage per hit.

I would say that, really, the only weapons that are not useful are the QR4, GROW, and OWLF Pitbull. The QR4 is slightly too low in damage, the GROW has way too steep of damage falloff, and the Pitbull is too inaccurate and has too low of a firerate.

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The HH is just a jack-of-all-trades that makes most other weapons useless. While the other ones do specialize in more damage either up close or long range, the HH is just far more reliable. The mercenary may be a bit more powerful but it’s offset by its drawbacks.

I agree, unless you’re fucking around, the other ARs are just useless.

If they nerfed the Hammerhead, I wouldn’t reduce the damage anymore than 10%. That would be enough to give the other META Assault rifles (GOSL, AR-W, and Mercenary) enough of an advantage to solidify there own niches.

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I’m fine with damage but I would say reduce the overall ammo of it as well as make it so it can only replenish its under barreled grenades from ammo crates. As it stands it’s got ammo for days and that’s not including having prepper or a support on the team.

I don’t think less ammo would do much to nerf it’s use. I also don’t think it would be a bad idea to nerf the total ammo on all the assault rifles and sniper rifles.

The QR4 and Hammerhead are evenly matched in damage though? Also QR4 got zero recoil, which Hammerhead actually does have some in fact. But yeah, an overall reduction in damage about 5% would be fine.

Not since I last checked, but I haven’t tested the weapon damage since last summer. Maybe there were some shadow changes?

@REYNOSO_FUA11 cute how they locked your thing.

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Locked for spamming in my own thread even though I was just sending reminders of an ongoing issue that they won’t address. Truly quite lovely yet you got a bunch of dumbfucks still spamming “where’s the part 2 of the update” left and right without repercussion.

This will probably be deleted too for being off topic so enjoy it while it lasts.

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Did some testing last week and its looking like this ATM for all the ARs.

QR – 4 (No Buffs vs Impen Mr Black) – 56 bullets to kill
G-ROW (No Buffs vs Impen Mr Black) – 51 bullets to kill
AR-W (No Buffs vs Impen Mr Black) – 45 bullets to kill
GOSL-R (No Buffs vs Impen Mr Black) – 40 bullets to kill
Pitbull (No Buffs vs Impen Mr Black) – 45 bullets to kill
Mercenary (No Buffs vs Impen Mr Black) – 50 bullets to kill
Hammerhead (No Buffs vs Impen Mr Black) – 53 bullets to kill
Prototype (No Buffs vs Mr Black) – 51 blasts to kill

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More like “harassment”, rather than spamming, is how they would define it. You take them over and over and over and they get all stoooooopuhhhh. This game is done, these forums are done, all that’s left are those who run privates, those who still have some hope, those who still can have some fun, and the buttkissers. I only run privates now, I won’t touch randoms.