Fireteam Are not Interesting

With the update coming out today, the queue times r gonna be worse but the fireteam are boring and illfonic just made it so everyone wants to play the predator.


The majority of ppl who jought the game came In wanting to to play pred.

If the missions were cooler, more ppl would want to play ft. But I know quite a few ft mains, that I play with.

Problem is, if they add cool stuff for ft,they might make them too strong.


they r game devs they should know how to make it not strong

Lmao ya, they should, but they are slacking lol.


ye man

Fireteam have more than 20 weapons, 8 gear items, more classes, more perks, i dont get why people find fireteam boring. I guess if you always play with z 06 and ak it gets boring very fast but thats your own fault

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ur kidding right, how do you find the game interesting as the fireteam? literally the missions r boring the guns are stale now and now we re getting content for the predator.

If u switch up play styles its actually quite fun i played fireteam for more than 150 hours and still enjoy shooting the predator

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well after getting to 150 i lost it

Could also just be that i dont get bored very fast i spend in some games half of the time in spectating mode and still found it interesting

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dunno how

So you either play with a group, or don’t mind generic repetition.

The only reason I can get any enjoyment out of ft, is because of the ppl I play with. Other than that, ft doesnt offer anything special.

Try different guns?
Lol the gameplay is still aim and shoot. Nothing else.

There are a LOT of better shooters out there.

The missions are easy and boring.
Once you’ve killed 2 or 3 preds, it looses its appeal, fighting the predator.

But at the same time, given the nature of the game and how they’ve set it up, it’s kind if hard to make ft actually cool and interesting.

Balancing this game is a bitch.
But that’s the price you pay, for having a low power game.

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To be honest i believe the game is pretty balanced.

ur joking? u must be joking

no, im not kidding. Could just be that i dont play with premade teams but i believe my chances of winning are always random

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But if console player would get autoaim assist things would change for the predator

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Lol. You actually enjoy playing with randoms?
Well hey man, if you’re enjoying it, nothing wrong with that.

But I dont think its balanced. After playing ft so much in a group, I’ve come to realize the ft just has too much of an advantage.

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If fireteam used there full power predator would be very weak, but that will never be the case so we dont need to worry about it

What do you mean? Technology wise? Cause I’m sure the yaujta have doomsday level weapons.