Fireteam can get on rooftop.

I don’t know how to do it, but In the map derailed there is a way for the fireteam to get onto the rooftop of the train yard big blue building. They were using the big round metal vents at one of the corners of the exterior of the building to do it.

I figure it’s not intended for the fireteam to get up there so I wanted to bring it to your attention. Hopefully what little details I provided can help you reproduce it to fix it.

how does FT climb into truck beds. I see Veritanium drops sometimes but cannot get to them lol.

It’s not a bug, you just have be creative and climb up on certain spots to get to the roof. I’m glad that exists, makes things more interesting.

Although, I wish their was a vaulting mechanic for fire team.


The way they were doing it was a bug for sure.

you just go up the stairs and jump on the barrels then on the roof…


why wouldnt it be intended for them to get up there? have you ever played fireteam and tried to get up? there are literally objects placed there so you can get up as fireteam. what the fuck is going on in this forum?


The nearest building has a staircase. At the top of the staircase there’s a stack of boxes. Jump up on the roof from there. You can run along the pipe to the other building also.

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Its not hard to get up there.
But yeah, the first time i seen it i thought for sure i witnessed some kind of glitch exploit. Like getting on the roofs i F13. 😂🤣😂

It’s a good way to set a sniper up to get high-ground to see the AO and identify/spot the Predator.

The big big one has a staircase leading to the rooftop.

Very useful

Its not a bug at all. Im sorry to say this but instead of assuming everyone is always cheating maybe try and figure out how they did it first. Its really easy to get up there. Not going to say how because like i said earlier… figure it out. Btw great way to get a drop on predator because they dont expect this tactic majority of the time. Also you can easily run the vents to get too the other roof.

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Well you’re silly bitch aren’t you? I don’t always think people are cheating, I just noticed people doing it (which by the way was 2 really easy kills.) I just figured it was a bug because I didn’t see an apparent way up there and they were clipping through the environment to get up there and it looked really strange. Anyway, It’s not a viable tactic, but maybe instead of being an asshole like majority of the internet you could give some advice or maybe something constructive to add to the conversation. The Jaysus guy is also included here so at least you’re not alone.

Lol someone is raging in the forums. Wasn’t being an asshole but maybe before you put something in bug reports thats not an actual bug but something that was clearly intended for the game and players to use. As for constructive criticism thats exactly what that was. If you can’t handle answers people give you then dont post on here.(notice i dont have to name call to get my point across) oh btw jaysus answered your post about getting up there so again why are you mad when people answer directly what you are asking about?

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Your answer was assholish and unconstructive. Anyway, so maybe the fact that the fireteam can get up onto the roof is not a bug, but the visual buggyness from the perspective of the predator is one. Like some guy mentioned up top, maybe they could put in a vaulting mechanic to make it look less awkward.

This literally just happened to me and no not with the stair case this was the lone blue building near the gate there is nothing there for them to climb on I watched three fire team members chase me and jump as if they were the predator on the roof an obvious glitch

? Never seen anything like that…

i took a picture of it after I died of course wished i could have saved a video or something but it sucks when people take advantage of glitching

Exactly which building?
Give me some pics.

do you mean this building? can easily get up there without the aid of the other building and not running along the piping. you have to jump like half-life. to get to the top

High level players are taking a break, so we are getting more beginners throwing their opinions as if they are facts again.

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