Fireteam Weapon Rebalance

Assault rifles


  • increase damage 15%


  • increase damage 10%

OWLF Pitbull

  • increase damage 20%

Plasma Rifle Prototype

  • increase damage 20%

Sniper Rifles

  • increase damage 25% and reduce fire rate 10%


  • reduce damage 10% and reduce firerate 15%


  • increase fire rate 10% and increase recoil 15%



  • increase damage 20%



  • reduce maximum firerate 20%


  • reduce maximum firerate 20%


  • increase very close range damage 15%



  • reduce close range damage 10%



  • increase damage 10%



Just run it with silencer…and why? It reloads too slow anyway.

What is this argument.

Your argument is literally “don’t nerf it, handicap yourself”

Suppressors reduce damage by 18% anyway.

My recommended change is intended to place a clear niche on the SAWZ50 as a burst damage only weapon that has a clear disadvantage in DPS to the 7EN.

Why would you ever increase FT damage in any capacity. Get rid of the damage buff, resist, and health buff and resist perks for both sides. Boom, instant balance

These recommendations are to balance the weapons against one another. It would have little to no effect on the balance between fireteam vs predator.

If you think fireteam is too strong, one idea I think might help would be to give every predator a passive 15% decrease from bullet damage while moving.

Or just remove directional audio. Boom.

Firerate for semi automatic pistols doesn’t matter, you can hold R2 and you get a steady stream of bullets or you can do the smart way and just mash R2, you’d have to change all pistols to automatic lol.

SAWZ fire rate is already pretty slow by comparison. I think 15% is kinda rough

Wait are the pistols fully automatic?

With spam still being faster if course.

This won’t affect macro users at all.

Basically, it would just bring the maximum close range DPS nearer to the AR-W. It would still be very powerful with dualist, but not quite so broken.

Who says they’re broken? Just because they’re about the only viable weapons in a 1v1 situation lol…

The problem with balance is people running 170+ health builds with OWLF Trained. The teams I face, at least. And the preds I face rely on Impen or Ironside to avoid punishment for their mistakes, and THAT’S some bullshit. Running at a very aware FT member when getting blasted and getting away with it is far from right. Same goes for FT. You know how many arrows I put into these players and what little reward I get for being good? It forces you to resort to unfun methods of play. If we take away the damage increase and health buff perks, that would force players to use different perks, and make builds much more versatile. You will never see me running Impen, Thick Skin, or Yautja’s Bane except for very specific builds. Although Impen is never used, I don’t touch that and will not. Thick Skin is on my knife fighting Dutch, and for good reason. Yautja’s Bane is on my sniping Assault class, maximum damage. I’ll run Down Range on my Elder since he’s caster oriented. But my other classes are all utility and buffs the other tools at my disposal. But those are just my thoughts. Each of my friends that I’ve got to stop using those perks have seen significant improvement in their gameplay, relying on their other abilities instead of solely health and damage increases. More gear, faster running, energy reserves, mudded footprints, tree movement, reload time, etc. You will found out how useful your class can be very quickly when you tap into your class’s strengths.

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I agree with that.

Neither do I. My main class is dithered, medic, large pouch Hunter - fervent.

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I think the guns are fine how they are.

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I get that. I would just like to see a little more variety. Seems like mostly hammerheads, GOSLRs, or SAWZ50s with the tryhards.

Some games make every weapon viable or at least really good in certain situations. Most PHG guns have no redeeming qualities. They’re just there until you unlock something better.

I run duelist a lot, its broken as hell dude like 200 damage per shot

I think like 90% of them are good, just some should be toned down. GOSL-R should get like a 5-10% nerf, 10-11-12 like 20%, Saw-z maybe some damage falloff, otherwise it’d be looking pretty good


You’re over exaggerating.