Fog in maps

Add a lot of fog, not a little, but a lot to where it’s actually hard to see through.


You know this is a new one I dont think I’ve seen before.
have it active randomly.
Like some matches have fog, some dont.


Exactly, something to mix up the match and give fireteam something to be afraid of! Credit goes to a he first predator movie. (I’m so happy i decided to rewatch it again)

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Its honestly a feature in Evil dead.
But it’s the first time I’ve ever heard it mentioned here.

But ya man, this a good one.


Thanks, and I’m going back o look for evil dead since the more I hear about the game the more I think I’ll fall in love with it.

You might. It’s really good.

Fog would tank the frames even worse.

Buff fog nerf pred

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I’ll check it out.

I’m not sure about that since theirs actually already a little bit of fog in overgrowth.

In all seriousness, it’s a cool idea.

There are SO many things you could do with the environment to add variety. Fog, guns jamming when mudded, flashlights for night mode instead of night vision, weather patterns disrupting cloak but also some FT equipment, wild animals besides pigs, etc

Sadly, the game will never be more than the janky mess it is now


I know…. 😭😭😭😭 I hope that a new predator game comes out and is worked on a company that can actually keep it alive.😭😭😭

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I think it is too, and I think it’s pretty cool idea too. I’ll add this to the request tracker when I land (spreadsheets on phones is a garbage experience). Put the big old asterisk on this that I’m not guaranteeing anything by me verbally liking this (I don’t get to make those decisions), but I read it, went “Huh…”, and felt it was fair to share that.


Thank you so much, even if you guys consider it makes me happy, especially since I’m being told.


Yeah for me I just got reminded of evil dead right away.
They have different weather and it honestly makes the maps feel way different some times.

Cant hate on a good idea.


I honestly didn’t expect that. So… Are there still people actually working on this game?

Nope. The issue is that base PS4s, especially ones that are aged and abused and have a lot of dust on the heatsink with a heavily fragmented drive, are something we have to consider. There’s also a whole bunch of other potential things that could derail the idea; even as not an engineer I could start seeing where it could hiccup. But a conversation not started is always a no, so I’ll at least get the idea visibility.

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As long as you’re starting conversations, let’s start some about new pred gear new game modes 👍

To be upfront, all three of those are roadmapped things, and those are planned and approved long in advance. And so is the communication schedule. So you’re free to tell me anything on those topics, but the response is gonna suck. No matter how good the idea, or if it’s already in the works, or if I know it’s impossible, I have to give the same answer to those, which is silence. A while back I had people begging (nicely and not so nicely :p) for us to bring Wolf to the game. And later that day somebody would be playing him in the company wide playtest. And I couldn’t say anything. It really sucks sometimes.


Interesting…so does that communication schedule explain why so far until now, meaning just communication from you, it’s been just updates with no talk on whats going on with this game? Not talking about whats coming and when its coming makes sense, but not talking about IF its coming and why exactly what we’ve got so far has been so bare boned also a part of this communication schedule? Not trying to sound sarcastic, just generally curious if this is why we’ve heard zip from anyone else about anything.

Nerf pred, buff FT.