Free version of the game

@IllFonic @Courier we need free version of this game (limited to ft ) so predator times go down . it is pathetic to wait 7-15 mins for 1 game or we need this “We need a system where playing as FT a certain amount of times puts you ahead in que for predator for a game or two, so it doesn’t force you to play FT, but it rewards you for evening out the que” (or both ideas)

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I wouldn’t mind something like this either. But I think it may have to be a little more restrictive than just locking out the predator, as I doubt anybody would buy the game at full price if that were the case. Maybe offer only 2 classes and/or remove specialisations?

Oh boy, even more potatoes to play with =))

better than waiting 10 mins per game

Buena, el FT y el Pred predeterminados y sin customizacion y a jugar

For the predators, for people having to play as FT with those people, not so much. More so when predators insist of NOT balancing around people having to play with potatoes.

And your reasoning for that is?

You’re going to have to elaborate a bit.

That anybody playing a potential free version is going to have an IQ of 6.

New players don’t know mechanics, don’t know the maps, don’t have weapons unlocked, don’t know meta builds… Should I continue? The matchmaking is shit and does not take into account who it throws on your team.

Oh and btw judging by the majority of people playing this game… I don’t know if its a 6 but still… At times it feels like I am playing with bots.

Yes but all of these things you listed exist in the game now. You’re essentially saying that no new players should ever be allowed. Which to me is absolutely ridiculous.

I am not saying they should not be allowed, I made a remark of “oh joy, even more potatoes on my team”. The influx of kids from Fortnite did not improve things one bit on my end.

yeah lets kill the game because you cant handle bad teammates …


Dude, none of us were experts at the beginning. And 9 times out of 10 just having one other player that knows what they’re doing is enough to successfully exfil anyway.

When its about a predator advantage, let’s get randoms in. When its a disadvantage (and I’ve seen this aid countless times) let’s balance around the best players, randoms don’t count.

You must be joking, find a good predator and try to win with 3 potatoes on your team. He will east you alive. There is a reason why good predators have 80%+ win rates by their own admission and I’ve seen this quite a few times said.

Just throwing randoms in with no matchmaking changes and placing them against veteran players so they have who to dominate and frustrate to death is not a brilliant idea. Leveling players and new players should not be thrown into teams at random and against random predators. It creates damn loopsided games, then again I guess people like stomping beginners.

Firstly, not every predator is a good predator. Secondly, to have a situation where all 3 of your team mates do literally nothing whilst going against a good pred isn’t very common - at least it hasn’t been for me. Thirdly, who cares if you lose a match? If the team’s as bad you say then it’ll all be over in 5 minutes anyway. Just move on to the next match.

Maybe I’m in the minority but I like the totally random nature of playing through Quick Play.

So this boils down to hoping you get a potato predator? Yes, I win (if you count dead predator with no disarm) like 80%+ of my games but that is because we really do get a lot of bad predators that I can almost solo in most cases.

Yeah, I don’t mind losing but a new influx of players that don’t even care about getting banned and trolls and people who know nothing about the game… Its not like you get then in 1 team and then its done, you’re going to keep getting them. Its so annoying to go into a game knowing if YOU make a mistake and go down, its over.

The problem with totally random part is that it applies only to the FT, it has no impact over the predator.
I don’t mind carrying team but I do have my own limit in frustration. Today I had 2 game when my team did more damage to me then the predator.

They really need to implement a matchmaking system (a better one) with a new influx of players.

This is gonna sound dickish but have you ever tried to coach new players and help them out? Also stuff like bomb defusing and stuff so that the people playing with you that aren’t level 150 get more xp and it benefits them?

I always talk over the mic and try to get people to do what they have to. Problem is 90% of people completely ignore you, don’t have mics and so on. In other ways, no, I don’t coach new players.
I have limited time for my leisure time.

Disarms no, if someone wants to disarm and risk getting blown up, they can learn to do it. (that counts as learning to right?).

As I said before, they need to improve matchmaking so new players don’t get thrown into teams with veterans as well as veterans predators. The devs also need to at least give training missions before allowing people to que for multiplayer, something as simple as having an AI predator and you having to parry him a number of times would do WONDERS! Also having you travel between 2 points and if you split, the predator instantly drops form the sky and kills you.

Things like the above I consider basic stuff that should exist in a game.

Here is a question for you, do you enjoying stomping new players? Would that not be boring for you as well?

not predators fault ft is full of potatoes

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