Ft dmg vs predator dmg wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!°

One lmg bullet 60 dmg
One sniper 250
Knives 125 to 250
Ft suppt hp 200
I can go on and on.
Pred bow 53
Plasma busrt 120
Combi throw 100 or so.
-The knive dmg needs to be drastically toned down like to to 40 max to 60 dmg. Heavy hitter should be 120 to 150.
-FT total hp needs a -20 across the board
-recon and scout serve no purpose in the game and i deleted all those loadouts
-Predator gets literally nothing for bow headshots or combi. Should be 150 dmg for full charge hs.
-No more dmg or defense perks
-No more pay to win dlc
The ft can heal off the 20 or so medikits plus multiple syringes.
-dutch and suppt can take to many arrow shots and plasma shots.

The dmg ratios dont match the preds ability to even claim a down. Were stuck killing them downed just to even up

This is what we see in private matches. If pred gets a down hes all in or ft just heals back to full. The longer this draws out the more resources pred loses…
Arrow ammo (needs a buff) some of the fall through map or just disappear.

The ft reenforced get 1 syringe/ half ammo no gear. This is fair.


I would say the damage and health are fine, I main Pred and ever since the cloak update the gameplay feels much better for hit and runs especially since I was one of the people saying damage was insanely OP at that time. If anything I feel like they should move the location of some objectives to extend the match length forcing the FT to cross the map more often. On top of this I wouldn’t mind FT getting a little damage increase as long as they have less ammo and Pred gets some more stealth tweaks for audio in return.

I feel like the game is in a good spot at the moment but it could use some changes in other ways rather than the constant back and forth damage balancing of FT/Pred. Then again I have only gone up against a ton of randoms since the update, so for all I know PC squads might still kick my ass. Just my thoughts anyway! Don’t take it as a personal blow to your comment, we all have a different experience with the game at times in terms of playstyle and overall perspective.

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Yeah but playing with pre made fts who also adapted to the new update are able to melt predators, even at a distance still… bow deff needs some increase headshot damage… and the fact that a support can hold both syringes and health kits is fucking obsered.

The damage is still unbaleced as fuck especially with bane and heavy hitter… all damage perks should be removed imo.

Knife dmg should be significantly lower till last stand

Wait, wait, I have a better idea.

Lets remove all weapons and perks from FT, turn all Predator attacks in hit kill, and put six or seven more predators on the same round. Oh, and every predator downed puts 2 more predators on the game.

Aaaaaw, cmon!! Any skilled predator can wipe out a FT group if it stay stood, and firing at range.

Git Gud.

in all seriousness the fireteams knife damage is absurd that’s my only problem.

A FT needs to put 10 or more stabs on a pred to down it.
The pred needs only 3 and the FT is down.

If you are the pred, you can run faster, jump, climb trees. If you lets a FT get close to you and stab you until death, so you deserve to die.

Come play with us on private matches… myself… arrow…sharpy. …

We will show you pain


I hate this meta of the month bs for pred weapons…
Plasma caster

All weapons should be great… sicle melee is to good to pass up

You seem like all you play against is potatos as pred. You also seem new at the game being as you know nothing leading up to this patch… not a get gud situation. Not once did I day I lost or got beaten. But damaged balance is wack as fu k for both sides… and sometimes buddy melee just happens so get over yourself dweeb

Stop crying.

Git Gud.

Are you pc or console

I can easily go vs rando squads and kill in 1 min. This guy has no idea the full power of the ft

You’re comparing damage but not health. The pred has like 1000 to 1500 hp compared to 125 to 200 hp for ft. Even if all 4 ft run support with thick skin thats only 800hp total.

Yo do you wipe font to back, or back to front. And is this before or after you stand up from sitting down on the toilet.

The thing is ad at least 200 plus 160 for medikits.

Thats 520 avg hp for 1 ft member

I’m just kinda watching this conversation and it’s hilarious I wanna see yuppers team fight Predobot

If they tone down the knife damage to only 40hp like you suggest, it would take 25 to 37 stabs to kill a fully health pred.