FT low health bleed out

What do you all think about adding a -2 hp/sec bleed, whenever the Fireteam drops to 50hp or less.


Wtf skool, lmao this is completely different from your previous ideas.

Sorry man, as much as ft is in the complete advantage I think this is unfair lmao.

I would like the ability to permanently cripple ft, or injure limbs.
And only the support would be able to heal these.

Just the legs and arm, legs you cant sprint, arms you cant ADS and get massive weapon sway.

What do you think?


My idea sounds different than many previous ideas, because I’m trying to think of mechanics that would create a sense of urgency for the fireteam when they are under attack from the predator. I don’t really think there are any mechanics within the game currently that would create that sense of urgency, regardless of how much you adjust the numbers.


I actually thought about that when I was playing evil dead yesterday.
The fear mechanic and just how you can set things up is something I really wish we had in the game.

I used to not want a fear mechanic, but I kinda do now.
Have you played it?

Theres a bunch of stuff there that would be perfect for this.

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Yeah, this sounds good. Also, low HP Fireteam members should leave blood splatter trails like the Predator, so even if they’re mudded up Pred can still track them :)


No lie, I’m pretty sure the fire team does leave blood trails. It’s just dark red, and hard to see in the mud and foliage.

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what does fear even do besides let you get possessed

It shows you on the map for the demon.
Doesnt seem like much but taking over a player during hectic shit can turn shit around for you.

It involves more planning than phg.


Ok I get it now, you take over the guy with all the legendary weapons and bully people.

devs seem pretty transparent, Community QA, discord, and direct feedback page.

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I love fucking with ppl so it’s fun as hell.
You could even posses them just to waste all their ammo xD

If they add a bandage gear item it could work

Or even if they changed the parameters of the med bag to also stop bleeding

So stims only recover health

Med bags and medkits stop bleeding and give health

I think it might be better if when they are low health they hobble along instead

Play Breakpoint, then come back to me…

Low health should definitely hinder movement speed, stamina regen and accuracy.


I did

Beat it on the hardest difficulty

It was a great game

Not a fan of the hyper tech stuff though

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They should simply take more damage when downed and the downed time needs to be extended so when you get downed by dumb broken AI you don’t perish but if the pred is actively shooting you, you should die quicker.

Your idea, aside from being unfair, won’t really make much of a difference since any decent FT player will instantly pop a syrette when at that HP

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Exactly. That would make draining FT resources more viable, so hit and run strategies can be more effective. Then when they’re out of syrettes, they’ll have to leave the fight to heal at a Medical Box or Bag, helping spilt up aggressive teams.

I mean, they would do that anyway… I don’t see your point honestly, other than punishing a FT fighting for his life, which is honestly unfair if pred doesn’t get the same shit

Overall, I think we all agree the main balance problem in the game is the high DPS of both, but mostly FT, as most pred weapons do not have such high dps

To be balanced, if ONE ft can do 750 damage in 1 second. Times 4, that would be 3,000
Then Pred should be able to do 800 HP in one second as well, or at the very least 600.

That doesn’t mean it would be good, but “fair”.

Damage needs to go down on both sides. We need more health for both at the current DPS, not less.

So either health goes up or DPS goes down. Balancing around potatoes who can’t aim has never been a good strategy

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This would help mitigate FT DPS, because players would have to choose between shooting or healing. No more attacking while on the brink of death without repercussions.

Most people don’t care. If they are out of syrettes they would rather die and get reinforced anyway.

Seems to be you are pretty out of the good FT tactics they normally do. You need to play with better players man