FT low health bleed out

Definitely do. I get frames drops on Excavation most than others, and it makes it impossible to play. It’s just ridiculous how the game almost freezes at some point. The 2 friends I play the game with, get this too (according to them, not as bad as I do) on different console versions. This is not internet related, as the game was running great, up until an update from last year. The audio bug stopped for a few days but it came back strong. I got 3 out of 4 matches with audio issues just 2 days ago.

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I’m getting these way too often lately. I hate it. I just don’t bother to report anymore. It feels like they just run one single test and go “nah, it’s fine” and then do nothing about it.

Not when I don’t play!

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On branches? The shot going completely sideways?

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That shit happens all the time

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I’m not sure. Sounds like something that could be helped by a video in bug reports. It would be nice to see the extraneous factors that could influence the trajectory.

That’s not going to help, but, without video, I guess it wouldn’t help anyway.

I made a topic about that on the bugs reports a while ago : Plasma Caster shooting sideways to the right instead of where you are aiming in branches


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i couldn’t tell in the video but when the arrows/plasma shoot to the right is it just a visual issue where it doesn’t look like it hits but still does damage?

It doesn’t do dmg in the direction of where the crosshair is, the projectile just goes into another way completely. So like in situations where I’m like 1 arrow away from finishing a downed fireteam I will have to shoot one more. Might not seen like such a big deal, but on those matches there its enough time to lose a good amount of hp or the mask.

I have had many issues with bugs yet except for one. im pretty sure it was on hq but i don’t exactly recall, but anyway, i was the pred and i had been sitting over ft for like 5 minutes to get some more xp and then they moved and saw me so i killed 3 and had to run off to heal. i went back to where i was before but the last guy had gone missing so i went and found him. then im about to kill him but my mask gets knocked off so i jump away only to get stuck in midjump, unable to move. i had to shoot my plasma caster so the last guy would come and kill me so i could nuke. i don’t know if anyone else has encountered this

I would have agreed months ago, but I reported issues several times with video included. I opened threads myself and commented on other threads including the videos I had and still nothing. I’ve tagged many people (kass… Wil…) on different threads speaking about the same issues, just like @REYNOSO_FUA11 and NOTHING. It’s just pointless

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Hey they’re still collecting data alright, they’re doing fuck all with that data but they’re still collecting it, have some fucking patience.



I spent a year and a half doing that while on PS4. Not much fixed.

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I honestly have put up my own personal filter of “trying not to notice the bugs and play through them” (since you can’t go through a single game without them) , but ones that are persistent enough that STILL drastically add the frustrating challenge of “putting up with them” while just simply trying to play the game are…

  1. Pogo jumping - after throwing gear or anything that is at least half a foot tall right infront of you, sending your pred right up in the air after attempting a quick leap.

  2. Non responsive interact inputs. (Figured it was the objects or items moving, but I’ve had to re interact with things more times than I can count)

  3. Invisible walls that hinder any use of long range weaponry. Even if you over compensate your shots (caster, smart disc, combi stick), you are still met with frustrating amounts of invisible stuff that protects fireteam and then in turn, turns into your preds stealth being ruined and planned attacks to never truly work out.

  4. Excavation Daytime - of any map that needs to be removed from the rotation, it’s this one. Don’t feel like I need to explain, it takes 5 seconds to look at the sun and watch your game go to molasses.

  5. Private match modifiers - we have mods that are there to be toggled but don’t actively work in private matches.

  6. Have had a decent amount of audio ft glitches and not being able to communicate to my team.

  7. Simply not moving in the direction or attacking in the direction of my choosing. Like other folks have mentioned about ranged weaponry just taking a hard left or right, it happens with melee as well. Ruining any amount of Predators ability to attack and escape cause you are swinging for flies instead of FT.

Pretty much all I can come up with at the moment.

They don’t seem to interested in trying to help themselves due to the vast majority of the issues people have with the game today, being issues since day 1 or just have seem to be directly ignored by illfonic.

It’s tough seeing so many people wanting to help and provide genuine criticism of the game to have it fall on deaf ears.

Also tough to come back to the jungle when seeing newer games have more incentive on actually playing the game than becoming apart of the QA team via volunteering their personal gaming time.

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That’s a legit list. Especially the “pogo jumping” after deploying gear. That reminds me of my suggestion to simply remove all limitations around airborne movement and ADS, charging, firing, and deploying gear. If the Fireteam can jump and do all of that, the Predator should, as well.

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That would mean actual effort and consideration for quality.

Think we are past that at this point since they are taking a 3rd swing at bat with Ghost Busters.

Why can’t more game companies take notes from Evil Dead.

Game is fucking phenomenal. Haven’t had game force you to have fun like this in so long.

They (Saber Inc) also sound inspired and excited to continue to work on the game. (Fucking Castle Kandar is coming! WITH THE PIT FROM AOD!)

Not even too sure if illfonic has a team at this point anymore.

Kass be doing what they can to keep people here, but I can only imagine how difficult that can be without a quality product.

Trust me… streaming it for 2 years wasn’t exactly… easy. It was very exhausting through a good portion of it having such a love for the IP and as a new streamer trying to find a game i enjoyed playing. (constantly making excuses).

Game is fun when it works, just performs well enough to keep you wanting to play. Guess that’s how much effort they are willing to throw at it.

Funded their next project.

Game will never get better imo 🤷‍♂️


I totally get your point with respect to improving the game, but fixing the gear/aim/weapon swap while airborne/leaping would be a single toggle. No complex code or real effort necessary.

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*more effort than whomever is at the helm wants to produce 🤣🤣🤣

So many things in this game are a lightswitch flip away from being perfectly fine.

That’s what’s so frustrating.

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