FT too easy to kill

Don’t understand why people are complaining about ft being over powered because most of my games they are dying easy especially with long range weapons and the combi stick is still ruthless along with select other weapons.

I really don’t understand this balance issue as the pred as the upper hand amd if he was buffed it would make the games boring amd one sided all the time.

Maybe improve your skills at hunting or stick to the trees and get long range kills or use traps and use the bow to take them down.

Predator is overpowered imo




This was from early on in the games life cycle.
No pred is not op.

The ft are not always good and the ones that are good they don’t come across too often and making the predator powerful would make all the games over in seconds and the missions don’t last long enough as it is

Sticking to the trees:You are easy kill
Problem is:All sides are broken mess, Recon has 5+ seconds mark on Predator with tracker, also FT has too much damage and Predator have broken builds too. FT has too much damage. There is screenshot how 1 fireteam member(IN 1vs4 GAME!!) can melt Predator with Hammerhead

Come and play vs us dummy and show me how predator is OP. It’s always fun to stfu ppl who know dogshit about balance:)


Anytime bro. I just melted a team yesterday with the scout. I will get my 87 skin and whoop you with him. Let us go into a private lobby and I will show you why skills mean something and not everyone plays the same. I’m on ps5 @bludstarr

Great! I am on epic, you gotta make an epic games account and connect it to ur PS account so we can play. Add me on epic: “PSeg.”

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I will sort this bro asap. I am a day one player and I only use pred. So don’t cry about whatever I do In this match to win. My play style is random and that’s how I get the win. If I loose I loose and I will take it like a man.

I swear, there’s always some scrub pred who thinks they’re good after they smoke a few squeakers and randomds, but knowing your name disappears from the scoreboard as soon as the FT downs you.


I never had any problems with predator playstyles since I play as predator a lot. It will be great fighting a day 1 ps5 predator main! What time are you usually free? How about we play in ~8 hours?


The fact that you only play pred tells me you’re trash. A good pred plays both sides to actually know shit. You’re a basic andy, probably stays camped up in trees and spamming plasma canon. I bet money you don’t have the smart disc in your loadout.

I am waiting for video of your game


not those who use macro programs, these cheats melt you. because you use hacking programs

Predator is too easy to kill. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMq-67gHsDE

Sent it bro

Bro please I run with anything I want and actually the smart disk is my favourite along with the bow. I only come down from the trees if the ft is pretty decent and then I have to use my elder sword. A predator wins however he chooses to win. I’m not going to allow some meat bag of a ft team best me through spamming a knife and shooting Grenades. And I power charge my cannon no spam shooting like a fool. I actually gave this game a break and I’ve now started to re love the hunt and I don’t need to play as ft to work out what they do or how they act. I watch from the trees and pick off the dumbass who thinks he’s Rambo

I want this game to be recorded and uploaded so people can see how not everyone plays the same as pred. Give me a fair playing field. No hacking etc and I have the best chance. Pc move better than ps players but not always clever. It’s the mind behind the screen that counts

Don’t disrespect my skills or I will take your head also. If you want a private we can run it as well. You on ps or pc ? I am not the best by any means but I rarely loose as the pred. Is illfojic giving me bots all day or is this game sbmm ? I think not so that means I must have some above average skill

Seems like you never played vs good fts. Playing vs braindead potatos usually gives one the delusion that predator is op and that he is good player.