Future Modifier Wishlist

Let me begin with saying the modifications being made to the game in private matches are changing the way we play this game in so many fun ways.

To expand on the already incredible list of things, what would you guys want to have added to the list of things we could change?

Independent weapon variables?

Separate variables for FT and Predator so they both arent affected (interaction time, movement speed etc…)?

The list can go on and on. What does everybody else want to see in the future :)?


Increase the length of missions and the chopper wait time. As well as individual weapon damage numbers. So we can buff weapons like the mini gun and AA12


You want to give the weapon with the highest dps at close range a damage buff?

I just want to be able to select my mission.

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If you’re referring to the minigun then yes…my grandmother can dodge that thing.

Mission Selection = Yes please

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Learn to aim? I have no problems putting bullets into the pred when he thinks its melee time.

I mean I guess I can see that on baby preds yeah. I promise you on anyone experienced you’ll be downed by the time you started firing. Minigun users are the easiest targets in the game.

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The mini gun does NOT have the highest or even close to the highest dps hahahaha

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Even from point blank range like barrel stuffing it takes 5 seconds and some change to wind the predator. The AK from that range is 3 seconds. And the PDW from that range is 2 seconds lol. The mini gun is ass balls


Good luck “putting bullets into the pred” with the mini gun when he hops down turning slow as hell, having to rev it up, and then after all that if you land every single bullet without missing and he’s literally touching you you’ll wind him in 5 whole seconds (that’s a long time)




The mini gun isn’t shit, it’s situational.

The AA12 already got buffed a few patches ago. It’s very strong. At close range, it’s DPS and single extended mag damage is unmatched among secondary weapons.

What situation lol. You can’t tell me a single situation that it outshines any other back up

No lol. I tested it after the buff and it’s dps is definitely still bad when compared to the other secondary weapons. The strong weapons in this game have the potential to wind in 2-3 seconds. The AA12 is wayyyy longer than that. Like tremendously longer

I have to agree with @DisturbedLlama. The mini gun is still too weak given how much spread and lack of mobility it has.

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I want it to be better cause it would be awesome fun to use if it wasn’t garbage

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I’ll make a video to show you, it (CS12) has the best close range DPS, among secondaries. It’s a shotgun, so damage drop is severe.

There’s like actually 0 percent chance dude 😂 the PDW literally winds in seconds. There’s no way the AA 12 is matching that.

Like it’s the same reason the snipers aren’t as strong as the AR’s. Sure having 1 is nice but you need AR’s cause even tho the sniper does a fat chunk, damage is pointless if you aren’t winding them, due to pigs and large pouch. So getting a big shotgun blast while he’s claiming someone infront of you seems good, but in reality melting him into second wind with a Sub machine gun or Colt with duelist is far far far stronger

I’ve tested almost every weapon. I can tell you that it’s a mathematical fact that the cs12 has about 2% more DPS than the PDW, but, most importantly, the cs12 can do about 30% more damage with 1 extended mag.