Future Modifier Wishlist

Mini gun is good for clearing out AI, suppressing fire on the Predator, hitting and destroying branches/objects, and it’s good for punishing predators for closing the distance to early

In clash, could we add eliminations to create team deathmatch style games?

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I don’t know. A lot of secondaries have nearly the same dps and you’re not a sitting duck. I think the mini gun could use a 15% buff to damage AND spread.

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How many seconds does it take to wind. That’s literally all that matters. Cause I know factually it’s more than 4 or 5

Have you tested the recently? Cause last I checked you still can’t kill a hunter in melee with the cs12 faster than the PDW

Unless the CS12 is pushing 3seconds it’s just flat worse

Unless we’re going with the argument that your less likely to miss with the shotgun therefore it’s probably going to ki faster because more accurate in which case fine

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It’s not good for predator at all, and any time someone says a weapon is good for clearing AI I get confused cause just about every weapon is good at that and also does damage to the main enemy of the game, the predator lol

Yeah no he is not testing it’s TTK. Cause it’s definitely a very bad borderline meme weapon. Actually it’s a full blown meme. Not as bad as minigun but you are definitely trolling if you bring it

Well no it’s dmg is ok now like when. I play predator and someone has it I can feel it an extended mag will just kill a Zerker after it’s empty like all ars do I just don’t ylthink the fire rate is fast enough compared to the PDW which does the same thing but smg fire rate

It just kills too slow. You’ll get 3 shots off before he leaps away. The smg will wind a predator for claiming infront of you the AA 12 certainly will not

It a suppression based weapon, it’s not ment to out right kill the Predator

And AI clearing is basically how many seconds/bullets in your magazine does it take to kill more then a single AI

I just have my spread sheet right now. But looking at the numbers the CS12 should have slightly faster DPS, but, again, most of my damage numbers are as close as possible to the predator for max damage, and shotgun’s have steep damage drop off and spread.

Than that’s probably where we disagree then cause it’s rare that pres is that close for that long compared to smg/AR optimal range which are the other close range guns it competes with

Well weapons like the 2XL one tap AI and lay fat chunks on the predator from range, so it’s very hard to convince me the mini gun has any place to be a viable weapon. Also whip that out on a good predator and you will instantly hear the sound of a combi extending lolol they are gonna see you whip out your leg weights and go “oh he literally wants to get combi speared”

I’m fairly sure the pred can stand dead still point blank and nearly eat the whole extended mag and barely get winded. I think it takes like 18 shots to wind him

I guess you just need to learn to aim when using it. I don’t know what to tell you.

@DisturbedLlama They literally tested this. Even with wind up, it still has the highest dps. If you find it doesn’t, you might want to get better with it and actually aim at the pred. I really can’t say anything else on it. If you think it sucks, that means you suck with it.

Who is “they” cause “they” are wrong. Turn your game on, get a buddy. Go into a private match, shoot him point blank barrel stufffed in the chest and it will take you 5 seconds to wind him. That’s literally over double the amount of time the best gun takes to wind lol

Use this thing, and get combi thrown into wrist slashed and go down instantly. It’s not the aim it literally does not hit hard enough to kill him before he slaps you for moving around like a turtle

Are you on ps4?

You must really be bad at the game if you’re getting this upset over your inability to use a simple gun.

I totally understand. At some point I would like to test every weapon at 10m. That would be a more reasonable “effective” damage value.