Games that deserve a sequel.

What games do you think deserve a second installment? Whether it be prequel, sequel or spin off, let’s share the games we love that we think deserve another installment. I’ll list some I believe deserve another game.

Bully: Rockstar really needs to branch out to some of their more older, underrated yet beloved IPs. What better one to choose from than this timeless classic. Forget your garbo online modes rockstar and please give us the sequel we’ve waited 14 years for.

Lego Dimensions: Yeah, yeah I know what you’re thinking, a Lego toys to life game that flopped why the hell would you want another one? Well hear me out despite the game not being successful and incredibly overpriced might I add, it was actually really fun. Mixing all these different franchises together made it such a unique game. Plus we still don’t know who Lord Vortech is. You can’t leave us on that tease TT games ;) Now if a sequel was to ever be made for this game I’d say ditch the toys to life and just make it a full on normal Lego game but with the uniqueness that dimensions brought. I think if any game deserves a second shot, it’s this one.

War of the monsters: This game needs to be resurrected. Imagine this on next gen consoles with fully destructible environments, bigger maps, more maps, more modes, bigger campaign, tons of new monsters and of course…online multiplayer. If you’ve played this game I think it speaks for itself for what a bigger and better sequel could do. So much potential from this. I’d sell my soul to see it return one day.

The Simpsons hit and run: Just imagine what a sequel could be like for this! Instead of separate areas locked behind a loading screen imagine it all being connected in one giant Springfield. And if a sequel ever comes to be it needs more on foot missions. In fact the on foot gameplay could do with a massive overhaul. Sadly it wasn’t much of a focus on the original. But imagine a sequel that solved this. This game is long overdue a second installment. And if you’ve played it I think you’ll understand why ;)

So, what games do you think deserve a second shot?


Friday the 13th


Haha now I can agree with that one.

Came to write Friday as well.

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Mass effect andromada: give the andromada universe a second chance

Bloodborne: nuff said

Demon souls: nuff said

Resistance 3: amazing ps3 game

Castle crashers: nuff said


I pray that Konami will make a new Castlevania game that does not suck. And Capcom Megaman X9.


Singularity- It had a good idea underneath the generic FPS

Geist- A vary good old-school first person shooter balanced with fun gamepay and puzzle mechanics

Majora’s Mask- I want to return to that world and change into more things

Dead Space- I’d love to see another good entry in this franchise

Alien Isolation- Because we all know there are more Xenomorphs out there

Another AVP game- everyone is thinking about it


oh i could use another AVP and Dead Space game in my life fo sho.


I hear that AVP 2010 is getting popular again


AVP 2010 was a blast on Xbox when it came out. In fact, so was AVP2… damn those where good times.


They need to make all the AVP games playable on current and next gen consoles


Fuck yes it’s about time we get another AvP game.

Hell why not slap in Concrete Jungle too. It’d be fun playing that again.


Mass effect andromeda.

Alien isolation.



I never got to play Concrete Jungle

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Capcoms AVP
Days Gone
Alien Isolation
Nino Kuni 2


A team Alien Isolation would be amazing.

If you die, the game could allow the remaining players to bring you back as an Android allowing you to assist but no longer being a priority for the AI. With the win condition requiring one human survivor. It would be cool to have different factions, so you could play through as regular workers or Marines, each being its own experience.
Online multiplayer with a human opponent or opponents would be a really nice addition.


Night dive studios did a great job with Turok 1&2 on Xbox one and switch. They should do all 3 AvP games and Concrete Jungle

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What I’d really like to see is a brand new Predator SP game with an engine based on the current Assassins creed games or Marvels Spiderman, with bits of No Mans Sky in there.
A full fledged single player campaign, 3rd person across several planets, hunting various species of sentient and mechanized beings and alien fauna. The melee combat needs to be well developed and robust and the ranged system needs to be intuitive and have a lock on feature for at least the plasma caster and smart disc. Much like No Man’s Sky, you should be able to board your ship and hop from planet to planet and even invade military spacecraft to hunt.
Fully customizable Predators (3 classes, 2 genders, multiple, unlockable cosmetics and earned super weapons upon completion of milestones and challenges, and secret trophies hidden in each world).
A full life cycle story of a Yautja from Youngblood to Elder as a narrative, with the training level taking place on Yautja Prime, under the tutelage of Shaman from Predator 2. Thats what we need.

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It’s a decent game. Bit clunky though.