General Prey Discussion

It’s officially out on Hulu right now, so I wanted to make a general thread for it since we have several going back and forth. Give your reviews and thoughts, my dudes and dudettes, I’m gonna start it right now.


I get to watch it for the first time twice, if I manage to blackout by the midway point.

Skyrim Guard: Wait, I know you…

I was going to watch Prey but then i took an arrow to the knee.


I have spoiler image, ya’ll ready? It will be posted in the morning

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I though it was ok. Definitely not an A, maybe a B. I like the opening 40 minutes more than the rest; they were more about Comanche people and the rest was all Naru. Parts seemed a bit comical even though theres enough carnage. Actions scenes are decent. The ending was ‘clever’.

Wouldn’t say it was woke. Naru is kind of a spoiled brat whos always getting into trouble. Feral didn’t care for her, the Comanche didn’t care for her, only the dog cared for her because she gave him food and the bro had to care for her because they’re family.


Just finished it. So, first off, I’ll defend this movie to the grave against anyone who calls this “woke”. It’s not woke, at all. Not in the slightest. Naru presents herself as a strong tracker, hunter and fighter, but is held back by the tribe’s norms of what a woman should be. Her brother is the one who believes in her, and encourages her, and is likely the one who taught her all the cool moves she does. But that it, she IS capable of doing things and she didn’t just poof learn it because Mary Sue writing. She’s had the training and knowledge. You see her go through many trials, and she gets hurt a lot. This isn’t Comanche Rey Palpawalker. By the end you’re actually rooting for her, and you want to see her take on Feral and kick some ass. And she does. The ending is hit and miss for me, like the actual kill shot, because I feel Feral is smarter than that. I get that he’s stuck, but, duck, bro, come on.

Feral itself…relied too much on cgi for the face. And it’s obvious, and some shots are not that great. The design of the face itself is nothing extraordinary, it honestly looks like Mr. Black with larger mandibles. The overall design is pretty badass, and in terms of kills, Feral is a machine that fucks shit up. He has numerous tools at his disposal, and uses them very creatively. I particularly enjoyed his sound design, the clicks were remade very well in a haunting way, and his roar clashes well with the original. If NECA makes a figure of this, I might buy it, and Illfonic would be sill to pass up bringing this skin to the game.

Overall…it earns its high scores. It’s a very, very good film. There’s some amazing cinematography, wide landscape shots, tight battles, a lot of tension and the theme of the hunt is all over this film. A lot of people say this is the best since 87, and…it’s close. I know Predator 2 is special to me and to a lot of people, but I think, as a film, thematically and in overall presentation, it pushes P2 out by a hair. It’s better than Predators, and far, far far far far better than The Predator. Honestly, this is what Predator fans have wanted for a long time. This is a return to form, a proper continuation of the franchise, and I hope going forward, whatever films that come next stay in the same vein of Prey.

Oh, one mildly big gripe…Adolini’s pistol. The comic has officially been retconned. I won’t spoil how, but just watch and the film and you’ll see. Stick around for the full animated credits, the ending suggests possibly how it could end up with Greyback, but that’s just speculation. But yeah, sad they didn’t keep with the lore of Golden Angel, big missed opportunity for possibly another film right there.


I did kind of have that same “first half was really good” kind of feeling, yeah. And agreed, ending was clever, though I feel Feral had something of a brain fart.


I’m down for spoilers, let’s see the beast.

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I’m going to have to apologize to Shane Black

oh my god

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Eh, I actually think this movie is a tad bit better than Autism Power Predator movie


She did a matrix move over the predator bro

my heart

my soul is leaving my body

the acting

the dialogue

the citizen kane of hulu

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It almost feels like Naru and Feral could have been friends. They both wanted to be famed and respected. They definitely could have teamed up.

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The beginning was good. Comanche don’t say much, but they say enough to seem like wise folks. Naru didn’t quite feel like a Comanche to me. Not yet anyway. She felt like a keed.

I think the movie would have been better of it took the Comanche vs Feral angle instead of Naru vs Feral. I liked her brother more.




Accounts for 90% of their dialogue

im going to skip the predator reinacting the yakazu duel scene with the wolf and the mustache twirling french she 1v10s because we need to talk about that fucking suit that only moved when it was CGI’d aside from swiveling side to side and the head bobbing like they’re fighting Lurch

holy shit wtf were they doing

why the fuck is it moving like that nooo

The Predator atleast had the lab scene, this was an open parody.

I think her speech at the end about this being as far as predator goes & this was it, she was speaking to the audience lul

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Perhaps. There was other stuff. Her mum and brother said something profound. I still like how it was straight and to the point. But Naru was way too wordy. That western plains education. Lol

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How many of you watched the Comanche dub over the regular one? That’s how I did it, I felt it couldn’t be seen any other way. I think the dialogue hits harder when you hear the actual tongue of the people.

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I didn’t, but that’s probably a good point. I do like the Comanche angle overall. It’s brief because Naru is hogging all the spotlight, but i still like it.

Like when everyone woke up and went to do their dury and Mary just went to practice hunting. Then I was like, well at least she caught some rabbits for her family, but then she just split them with the doggo. I liked the doggo, but it barks too much and gives away the element of surprise.