Ghost Recon Breaking Point

No , I’m sure they removed it as well

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I know right! And Aw man 😢

It’s shit

The camera is awkward as fuck, the animations have that ubisoft half finished feel, and there’s little making it stand out.


It’s not shit, but could be better.


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Have to disagree. While it doesn’t have much that is straight up bad mechanicly, it also lacks anything good making the overall mechanics mediocre at best, and thus bad.

Not really.
Its pretty good for a stealth game.

Definitely not shit tho, like you said.

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You want a stealth game? Play mark of the ninja.

Ghost’s stealth gameplay is the same thing as cod’s stealth missions except paired with worse mechanics and camera’s.

No not really.
Its actual stealth.

But stealth is always easy if you play smart and slow.

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Hey now I have stealthed the game. I even chose the echelon class.

It’s still shit.

All you do is go around and shoot the odd guard in the head. Multiple guards? Synch shot. Juggernaut? Also synch shot.

The answer to everything is to shoot it stealthily regardless of position.

So don’t use synch shot drones. Lol.

Btw you showed me a 2d game… that’s not real stealth.
Those games are more puzzle platformers.

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Stealth perfected

No they ain’t.
Any game that restricts your movements just for the sake of it aint real stealth.

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You mean 2D?

MOTN’s mechanics?

Any game that gives you only one way.

Its just a puzzle game at that point.

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Wow, you haven’t been around the gaming scene very long have you? XD
Legit nobody is capable of doing this, let alone choosing it as an option lmfao

Play assasin’s creed if you don’t like gunplay in stealth games lol

Are you fucking stupid?
Splinter cell.

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There’s a difference between gunplay and stealth, and the complete lack gameplay variety where shooting some one is the only way to interact with enemies meaningfully.

Okay so instead of coming from the west side you can come in from the east side.

The actual gameplay is the same still.

And ya, I’d say a good stealth game is a puzzle game. Makes you actually think about your equipment and enemies. Not just haha blade goes brrrr.