Ghost Recon Breaking Point

Not exactly.
If its done like old school splinter cell, sure.
But not in 2d games.
Those are always lame with stealth.

Mgs has vents, boxes, distractions, ect.

True stealth gives options, puzzles are linear.

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A. I should’ve specified, I was referring to ghost recon for movement. I’d never insinuate that 3D games can’t have dynamic level design like that.

B. Puzzle are not inherently linear. MOTN gives you multiple ways to bypass enemies and obstacles that can be used simultaneously. Also where does it say stealth has be open ended? Maybe say it’s badly designed but I’d hardly call that not a stealth game.

Assassin’s creed is the most popular by far. Hell, I hadn’t even heard of splinter cell till last year. Everybody knows assassin’s creed and what it involves, tho.

I haven’t played GRBP, but I’m pretty sure that there’s more ways to ‘meaningfully interact with enemies’. I heard you can put em in a headlock and use them as meat sheilds, for starters.

You kidding?
That would be mgs.
Mgs has a lot action but stealth is a huge part of it.

And yeah, most people are too fucking stupid for stealth. Too impatient.

Not shit talking, but splinter cell is a damn classic and honestly better as a stealth game for gun genre.
Like spec ops.

As far as assassin creed style stealth, tenchu is better. Tho assassin had a good story.


Because true stealth let’s you approach from multiple angles.

2d is just too limited.


Hmmmm I might have to look at mgs then…
But yeah my point was, whatever tenchu is may very well be better than assassin’s but assassin’s still gets the most publicity lol
Maybe cos they made that movie of it.

It’s because assassin creed is ubisoft and back then ubisoft was one of the best companies.
They also made splinter cell.

So it makes sense.

But mgs, metal gear solid btw, is the most popular.


Lol I know what mgs stands for, i’m not that fucking uncultured XD
Hmmm yeah I’ll definitely have to check it out later, been too good since I had a good stealth game to rage over. Actually come to think of it, I haven’t played a stealth game since the original assassin’s lmao

Start with mgs 1 remastered, called the twin snakes I believe, it was released on gamecube with mgs graphics and mechanics. Fun as hell. Plus some extras I believe. Then do mgs 2 substance, mgs 2 but with a bunch of extra stuff.

Then mgs 3 which ppl say is the best. My favorite is a hard tie between the first 2, those versions.

Then play 4.

From there you can do all the PSP ones, but they’re different game play. More for story tho mgs has a cluster fuck of a story.

And then finally, mgs 5 lmao.

Let me know if you play those. Hopefully you like them.


You can but that’s not a stealth move, and will actually break stealth if other guards are there.

2D isn’t though

Up, down, left, and right.

Now sure not every scenario will have every option but that same is true of 3D games. And the variety MOTN has is mainly in the solution of the problems which also unlocks different directions such as grates, ceilings, etc.

Isn’t there some sort of melee stealth takedown at least? I mean it’s fairly obvious that meatsheilds aren’t stealthy lol
It’s just an example of enemy interaction.

Prey was good for that. I loved being a vent goblin lol

There is but it’s garbage

Like I said a headshot is all you need and there’s no real ammo economy with how common they are. And unlike MGS5 there’s also no suppressor health os that’s not a worry either.

Pair that with the fact that takedowns take a long time and it’s literally more efficient to shoot them from an inch away then perform a takedown unless your doing class challenges.

If you wanna play a good stealth game, I would reccomend shadow of the tomb raider. It’s fairly scripted, but I will never get tired of shooting rope arrows through people and stringing them up to trees. Lara Croft is yet another little girl who would be able to beat a fucking predator in combat lmfao

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Ghost Recon Break my fucking neck so I don’t have to do this shit anymore…

You dont get it.
Dude stealth games have been one of my favorite genres since ps2 days.
They were never really 2d.

2d was always action or platforming,
Mega man, klonoa, and so many others.

In 2d it becomes about just solving a puzzle, instead taking guards out or just sneaking by.

3d lets you completely survey an area and let’s you find different angles and approaches that you cant see from only one side.

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But that’s literally MOTN. Every scenario is either how to sneak by the guard or kill the guard.

Just because you can’t come from a different angle doesn’t mean it’s not stealth.

Fak yu.
Seriously it’s more enjoyable.