Ghost Recon wildlands game-Predator

So looks like back in 2017 there was a update that added some sort of side mission where you try to hunt the Predator.

Couldnt find any recent info, If i buy this game- is this still included in the game since it was so long ago??

Pretty sure its free dlc. Pred is the hardest enemy in the game though

Yeah it was free. It’s gonna clap you if you play solo though


Super tough mission… almost wish hunting grounds played how that mission did… you get some cool pred armor and active como, from beating it or buying it i don’t remeber.

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I managed to do it solo but I’m certain it was a limited time mode. They also had items on their store for it aswell like weapons and clothing from the movie. If you kill the pred you got his mask to wear and you could buy his wrist gauntlet to use and I’m more than sure they added his cloak aswell

It was easy once you learned the mechanic, believe it or not if you stood on one of the rocks you could see him from all directions and had quick cover. Died plenty though 😁

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That’s the strategy. Fkn loved that fight.

It was a fun LTM. I wish they done something like this again with breakpoint. The terminator event was fun aswell

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I’m aware hahah. Trust me I played it like 200 times. I’m just saying if you play alone you get downed and lose. Play as a team you can just revive

Thanks everyone. Gonna buy this game later on strictly for that predator mission. Yeah i watched videos on youtube and it looks hard as shit to even shoot him.

Can you still play it today? I might re-install if it’s possible, last I checked the bundle wasn’t on the store for purchase

Edit: scratch that, I completed it on my old account, but from what I see you still unlock the helmet by beating the mission

Hold that thought. It looks like i have to wait till the predator pack is available in the ps store again to have that mission im the game 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

I played it and I never had the pack? I seen a post on reddit saying they held the event again a year ago. So it could be back up this year

If I’m not mistaken, that’s purely for some of the cosmetics.
My buddies bought the game a few months back and they got the pred mission.

All of those special even missions should be available with the standard game.

The splinter cell one is harder than the pred one if you got no patience. But I know how to do both pretty easily.

Regardless, ghost recon wildlands is just a good game if you like stealth. A.i. ain’t the best, but it’s still one of my fav games.

Yeah you can still play it

What do you mean. Its included in the game if i buy it?? No dlc needed?

Yup No Dlc needed

I mean the predator literally just like runs and leaps around you and shoots plasma and now and then like throws shit at you. It never like runs at you and yeets you or anything

You sure? i saw someone review the ultimate edition version few months ago on youtube and they said nothing at all about the predator mission. So i thought it must be a dlc Thats no longer available. Even the basic version of the game is still $49.00 so i didnt want to chance buying it and its not on there