Give your honest opinion please

is jump and casting scummy ?

No jumping and using weapons is part of the game for predator as it’s the only efficient way to minimize incoming damage while also applying offensive pressure when Effective cover isn’t an option it’s one of the things that indicates the predator player knows how to play the game


I want to say yes and no. With the Plasma Caster yes because of it’s large hit boxes that can hit people just using the large splash damage and it just looks plain weird to me. With the HHPC and bow not so much as it requires more precision to actually land shots. Anyway at the at the end of the day do what you gotta do to win so long as you’re not cheating like hiding in rocks and shit.


Nope, not at all.

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Scummy i suppose not, but desperate and weak absolutely… I agree with the bow.
Using the bow like that takes way more percision and skill… but using th caster like such is desperate…

If you have to ask you already know the answer just saying

yeah tbh if i was pc id be spamming pistol and bow but im not that good on the sticks

tbh i dont know the answer since full charging shots from cover seems sweatier than giving the FT something to shoot


Nope. Is Ft telling pred how to play scummy?

If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck. End of story really.
I don’t go full tilt a lot but when I do I’m using everything I can to win because I need to and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Plus some people are so toxic if you do anything other than melee rush they’ll cry and scream.

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Oh when I said PC I meant plasma caster.


No, not really.
Ft runs around and hops too.
They spam bullets.

If its scummy on pred, its scummy on them.


Listen here bitch.
Fuck you no.

Seriously though, pred has to stay moving.
And using the pc like that, is not easy.
Its honestly easier with the pistol.
Plus no laser, so infinite cloak and no energy drain is pretty useful.

So while it may not be scummy, playing full range is pretty much a bitch move.
But give ft damage, theres not really a choice lol.


Yeah. I like mixing it up and getting up close sometimes, but it’s not practical right now


God I really do miss being able to do that and not have one parry be a death sentence.

this is a fair statement i seen them hoping around too.

Not in the current state of the game, if the game was as balanced as it should be with the weapons actually working then yes.

No it’s not. Then again it’s a subjective topic down to an individuals opinion.

And in mine, it’s not scummy. If anything with the current FT meta it’s necessary in order to put up a good fight.

People who call it scummy or “spam” would prefer you walk up to their squad, unbuckle and bend over for them, because they don’t have the skills or coordination to deal with it. Adapt or fail. That applies to both sides.

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Listen here you bitch while it may not be scummy it just looks weird to me to see a pred hop and charge the PC for half a sec and do it again so fuck you I don’t like it. You know how I play, I mix it with range and melee and keep moving since if you stop as scout you’re done.

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so mixing casts and melee in close range with jumps is okay ?

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