Godzilla BattleLine!

If you are a Fan of Big G you should download this Mobil app! Super addicting and fun. Doesn’t even require micro transaction to have fun or win lol!

Its a turn base game! Where you play “cards” to attack the other monster! The cards are either other Kajiu or military stuff! I enjoy it maybe y’all will too!


nice I was wondering when toho stuff was coming to the app store.

are the other two new ones they dropped any good?

Manilla makes it in before Kiryu :|


You mean Godzilla Defense force?

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No that’s another game!

Defense force is all about microTransactions, and Godzilla Run is just some silly game to pass free time on!

Tbh battleline is probably the only one worth playing since it seems not to need micro transactions to be able to progress further in the game like in defense force

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Lol I got one of them too!

I don’t see it 😢

I don’t see it 😭

Oh nvm

You are my favorite person rn

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Was pre-registered for it but it only downloaded about a week ago. Got to Bronze 7 so far

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Godzilla Battle Line plays like a scuffed Clash Royale, but it’s not bad at all. I’m currently Master+.

It’s in the middle of a Singular Point Collab, which is the Godzilla Anime out on Netflix at this time.


Run and Destruction are crap.

Battle Line is based tho.

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When do I get all the stuff I unlock while leveling up?


This stuff

Through the Maps you get instantly, or by wining Matches once your Expeditions are filled up. . B-2 Bomber and Destoryah Larva are Great Cards.

I personally run

Mechagodzilla Leader
Kamacuras Swarm
Destoroyah Larva
Train Bomb
B-2 Bomber
Missile Strike

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No the rewards! It says I unlocked them but I don’t have Gigan!!

You’ve unlocked the ability to collect them. Like I said, you can get Gigan through how you would normally get pieces as a gold drop.

Gigan plays like a Leader Killer, who ignores every other unit in the game and hits a bit hard.

As a Leader, Gigan’s Special can deal damage in a straight line and increase the speed of all Ground based Units up to his Unit speed.

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Ohhhh okay