GOOD/BAD SCALE (Yautja Code Suggestion)

A ton of people take what they know about “gaming” and put that to use in PHG.

Some of it is transferable, some of it goes completely against what a “Predator” game could be.

My suggestion:

If a predator “plays as a predator should” you are rewarded with positive EXP.

List of things to increase hunt exp:

  • versatile use of gear/weaponry
  • attempting to be stealthy or stalk your Prey
  • being within a certain vicinity of FT (current vicinity is almosy impossible to obtain )
  • Claims (long or short should be 2nd exp priority/amount of exp)
  • Stealth kills (biggest priority/amount of exp)

If a predator player “plays against the code” you recieve a negative amount of exp that decreases your score:

List of things to decrease hunts exp:

  • ego hunting, not for sport (team wiping, within 1-2 mins of hunt)
  • singular use of a weapon (after first kill with same weapon, exp starts to decrease after every kill that follows, could lead to decreasing overall exp)
  • attacking defenseless FT (downed state or Netted in a net)


The “title” you earn based off the exp you have either gained or lost during your hunt.

The grade list would be as follows:

BAD BLOOD: Overall exp reached bellow 0 through acting as a bad blood(NEGATIVE EXP)
UNBLOODED: The neutral starting point. (ZERO)
WARRIOR: 5k exp
ELITE: 10k exp
ELDER: 15k exp
ANCIENT: 20k exp
(Values aren’t concrete and are just suggestions to see where you land on the “Hunt Grade Scale”)

FT could also have some form of grade scale for how they play, but let’s save that for another thread!

Not a good idea? How could it be different?


Um for attacking the defenseless net thing that would just get rid of the tactician perk cuz nobody ever uses bear traps

And for the downed state part…well that wouldn’t make teh game fun anymore

Other than that its a cool idea :)

Tactician isn’t just locked to the net.

It’s also when FT are interacting with things. (Mission healing, picking up downed FT)

I personally use bear traps and run into enough preds using em.

I’m not saying to remove the ability of shooting downed people, you just recieve a negative reward for it.

Don’t like receiving negative rewards? Don’t shoot people on the ground.

This is an effort to make this game more of a “Predator” game than just your “average shooter”

Also sees where you fall on some form of “scale” that could possibly lead to a skill based matchmaking type of thing.

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Without a doubt, it is a really great idea, maybe to polish some detail but honestly, I wish I could put something like that.

I have a bad blood in my game and I would like him to be recognized as such if a system of ranks linked to experience were implemented xD

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If you’re a bad blood

Other players can invade your game via reinforcements

Meaning the one who calls reinforcements can choose to either revive all their dead teammates or to call in an enforcer predator

Maybe the player themselves can become the enforcer

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This idea is SO COOL dammit, it’s great!

it would really give new life to the title, at least in my taste.

Only correction,
attacking a Netted enemy should not be considered “against the code” in my opinion, City Hunter and Celtic both does it, and they seems to play pretty fair, especially City.

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Then you would earn your endgame grade/rank as such playing that style :)

More incentive to turn this into an actual predator game than just an everyday shooter 🙃

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The best preds use bear traps. Wtf you talking about?

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I dont usually play against good preds lol

Play some top preds in private and you will see how vital they are for preds when trying to win a match against top tier premades.

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Just gotta hope they dont use trapper

How do you expect a predator to win a match vs good premades if they can not secure kills with ranged weaponry?

What you’re suggesting is nothing more than role playing. If you play by this code, I doubt you win many games, if any.

Will there be an honor code for FT as well or do you want me to get melted ripping skulls out?


Having titles and ranks displayed for others to see would be cool though.

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People should play like the original Predator who was sneaky by shooting plasma at humans on the back, only ambushing them at close range when they are distracted and away from others, he didn’t rip any skulls while Dutch and the others were around to get shoot at. He knew what the firepower of the soldiers was capable of. Like he killed Blain from behind with plasma and only took his skull while the others were sleeping hours later. He was not an idiot, he didn’t try to take his skull while Mac was around to get shoot and die. Killing FTs that are downed and only taking the skull after all are dead is the way. The FTs don’t have to be alive to claim the skull, you can always do it after they die.

That’s how a Predator should play, he hunts in a manner that won’t get him killed, he hunts smart, he hunts to win over his prey. That’s the code players should follow. Play like the original Predator, if you have a problem with plasma, getting ambushed from behind, dying without being claimed you are not really a Predator fan, you are complaining about how the Original Predator hunted.

Also he only went in a 1v1 no weapons fight with the last survivor Dutch cus he was worthy of that. Last survivors that just run away deserve arrows on their asses. Knife fights are for FTs that deserve it.


Why did you kill Acid Glow so hard?

He’s a cool cat

All times I killed his Predator he had already left the match. If there is Predator body on the map, I prefer getting It instead of completing the mission.

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but muh comic book and muh klingon honor dark souls bowing

Anyways newsflash OP you cannot get people to rp with you in a pvp video game.
At best you implement DBDs system to encourage not shitting on people as hard and ending the match and 5 seconds but no ones going to claim people or afk on top of them every match for IMMERSION because they want to win and the game’s already FT oriented without gimping yourself for xp or whatever.
no one cares about numbers they just want to wipe the enemy team because that is the objective of the game.


Many of the comics just shitted on what the original Predator displayed, this game is based on the movie, the over the top muh honor from the comics can stay away.

The match is not gonna end fast if the fireteam is good and is playing well. For every kill the Predator will have to step back, heal, ambush the fireteam again like in the movie. It will be the Predator killing one by one like in the movie.

Fair enough.