good god, the ppl on reddit are stupid.

I heard it was bad so I decided to take a look.
Holy fuck it’s bad.
They’re beyond stupid xD.

The majority anyway.


So like the forums :p

What was so bad exactly?

Couldn’t be worse than here

To specify, I mean the PHG reddit.

oh no, its it’s way worse then here.

Aside from a few ppl here this place really ain’t that bad.

It was horrible.


I must have details

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I’ve had a few…disagreements over there

Okay but does it beat class based systems are sexist…


Lmfao I gotta go read that thread.
Yes, it’s that pretty bad.

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Imagine all the bad post on here, but 100x more frequent.

Ppl STILL complaining about zero combi…

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Lol I can only imagine.

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I’ve seen it too, half of it I just laugh at.

They say the same thing about here

I know.

lol bro I thought this place was bad. I would frequently visit here to check on post every now and then but when I saw that post a said target isoaltion is OP i said “thats it… Im making a fuckin forum profile”

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There are some regulars here who posts some seriously good ideas, and some great observations. Those same people sometimes become a whole other monster with other regulars just to entertain themselves.

But then there are some people you know are just posting for the fuck of it, literally because they kneejerk alot and their comments are just anger bombs with no real merit. THey just played a poor match against pred and they had the wrong loadout and the pred’s loadout was awesome and he knew a trick or two with a combi-throw or plasma cannon or a smart disk. Those posts are just salt.

There is a lot of salt on reddit …most of the time.

At least theres entertainment here sometimes xD

I have seen some good ideas on here. Ironically I don’t see the ideas being commented on as much though lol… I guess who has time for that when U gota reply to all the frequent stupidity


lol wish I knew how to post that clip where Samuel Jacksons’ "had enough of those MF’kn snakes on that MF’kn plane.

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I share my PHG vids there and from my exp, majority there are very salty and negative.

I shot 5-6 plasma shots in the whole match, had 7 kills and sniped them with combi stick throws and I’m plasma spammer by definition for using the caster according to reddit trolls.

There’s no GG there or any sort of compliment for quality vid or good gameplay, its 99% of the time something negative.

They literally try to put you to their sorry ass loser level, by trying to downgrade you.

I just laugh when I read those comments.

Even when you help someone with advices, you’re still gonna get down vote (dislike) on your comment.

It’s patethic really.