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This trailer dropped today for Terrifier 2
Did ya see the first one? What did you think? I really enjoyed it myself. Story was weak ASF but boy was it bloody! Anyhow here’s the trailer. HYPE.

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Took long enough 😂
Hype is real

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Here’s the latest trailer for Kevin Smith’s new Movie Kilroy Was Here. Its a horror comedy, check it out! Definitely looks better than Yoga Hosers…

I can appreciate an unapologetically trashy horror thread. Trashiest i’ve seen recently was The Ritual. Great monster design, but typical netflix plot.

I do want like 10 Brightburn sequels, they could do a lot with supervillain horror

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I think I saw the ritual. Is that the one where they go on a retreat after their friend was killed in a robbery or something?

A bright burn sequel would be interesting.

Yep with the Antler hands monster. Brightburn director wants to do more with the universe with an evil justice league of sorts so should be interesting.

What’s your take on the new Candyman?

I hate it

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But I never liked candyman lol

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Ah. I love the first one. It just has this overwhelming sense of dread and to me it comes from Helen’s descent into madness as this urban legend consumes her. It’s just a scary thought to black out and kill someone then come to your senses after the fact knowing your life is over.

Speaking of dread have you seen Hereditary? So much going on in that movie stressing me out that I don’t know where to begin lol, wasn’t even jumpscary just extremely unsettling. The gore is as effective as it needs to be without trying too hard + top notch atmosphere.

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💯. The best horror movie I’ve seen in recent memory. A YouTuber I watch (drumdums) just put out a review for The Rental (I think it’s called) and he says it’s the best horror movie of the year. I haven’t seen I get but it’s on my watch list.

If there’s a clown movie that deserves a sequel then that would definitely be this masterpiece of a film…

Killer_Klowns_from_Outer_Space_(1988)_poster (1)


I know it’s a spoof movie but I enjoyed
Happy Death Day both of them.


It’s happening… Syfy Channel 🤡🤡🤡

Do you want it to be pg13 still or do you want ultra violence?

I haven’t gotten around to that one yet. Which ones better? Why?

Original but I don’t really know how to explain it without giving it away

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The Movie may have fans divided but Tyler Mane’s Michael Myers is sooo underrated.

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I’m one of the few that agree with this sentiment. I like the sequel as well. The original is still better imo. What do you think of Halloween 2018 and it’s upcoming sequels?

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Oh yea, the OG halloween will always be the most iconic but Tyler Manes Michael, was SCARY AS SHIT!!! My god, that hospital chase scene at the start of halloween 2 was intense.

Halloween 2018 was ok. I prefer Halloween H20 if im being honest. But i cant wait for the Halloween Kills film, it sounds epic 😁.

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