Got tricked by a fireteam

So, I had a pretty interesting match yesterday that I thought I would share with everyone on the forum. It was a match on backwater against 3 assaults and 1 support (all PS4). I was playing as the city hunter.

I found them right away at one of the complexes. These guys were not that great and I could’ve easily killed all of them right there but I decided to play with them. I claimed one of them and then I downed others. I let them revive each other and then I just repeated the same thing. One of the fireteam members went to call for reinforcements but when I went there I couldn’t find him. I assumed he either didn’t know you had to stand close to the reinforcements for it to work or maybe he was hiding. The reinforcement icon continued to stay there because he didn’t return to stand close to it. I just assumed he was a noob and didn’t think much else of it.

I went back to his teammates and they were still at the complex so I continued to mess around with them. I could’ve killed all of them but I didn’t want them all to get reinforced. I didn’t realize these guys were actually finishing their whole mission in that same complex. I finally got bored and finished them off but the last fireteam guy that was hiding went and got them all back through reinforcements. The guys actually had managed to finish their mission while I was messing with them and the chopper location was right beside the reinforcement beacon. I underestimated the team. The guy that was hiding actually knew what he was doing. I rage quit the match because I knew there was very little I could do to secure the win.

One of fireteam players, I think it was the guy that was hiding, messaged me and told me I got outplayed. He also revealed that he was a youtuber. I’m not gonna say what his youtube name is.

I did set up a rematch with them and destroyed them, so I did get some payback lol

Moral of the story: Never play with your food and don’t underestimate teams that appear to be bad.


Don’t be embarrassed and tell me his YT…spread love and positivity:)

I never play with my food for this very reason. I’m deadly serious and try to stomp FT into the ground right off the bat. Helps me to determine if their skull holds any value.


Sometimes I trigger the reinforcement, then leave when the Pred wipes the rest of the team, I can get everyone back just by running in the circle.

Better to get 3 friend than 1.


I’m not embarrassed lol and maybe I’ll say what his youtube name is when he posts the video. Imma be mad if he doesn’t post a video of the rematch too.

I only recently started playing with my food because I started to feel bad about wiping out teams within the first minute. I’m not showing any mercy anymore though.

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That’s cool, I’ve noticed more fireteams using this technique. This won’t work all the time though because there were times when I killed the last guy before he ran back to the reinforcement circle.

You fell the same way as the City hunter and Celtic


Yeah, but it hilarious when the Pred is chasing you and your friends pop in around him… 😜

(Still think it should trigger a second helicopter drop off)

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I think it would be cooler if FT respawned as OWLF operatives(with helo insertion). It would also make more sense because you only get one life IRL

I may have played with my food a little… but in a different way XD but really I had a fun as hell match where myself and the fireteam had some positive wholesome fun and managed to record it.

You let them reinforce for good sportsmanship, don’t do it for trolling because it can back fire pretty easily.

I feel like this is a clear example of the fact that reinforcement needs to be looked at. As of now it’s a magical cure all that people just exploit to play badly. FT can be careless, get killed, but still finish the 4 minute objectives and bring everyone back as they run to the chopper. Nothing predator can do at that point. You killed 3/4 before the reinforce and evac 60 seconds later but you still technically lose. It’s really rather annoying. Then they talk shit as if they’re good and don’t have a magic game mechanic 🙄🤷‍♀️

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Yeah, reinforcements needs to be adjusted somehow. It’s kinda unfair how they can just come back with all of their supplies and ammo.

Lol yeah, it was Crazyboy9. I don’t think he has posted the video yet, maybe he changed his mind.

He challenged my sweaty recon team as @Idunno56 puts it. Cause we beat him in a public match when he was the pred. He challenges is to a rematch cause we player backwater so we are like sure yeah man no problem. We ended up clapping him so hard he raged quit so I snagged the video and I posted on his Fb community page and he banned me and deleted me after he said that he didnt rage quit even tho we 2nd winded him twice on the 2nd time he just quit and didn’t even arm his bomb lol.


Lol wow, I didn’t know there was an FB community page. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to record videos on my ps4 so I didn’t get the video.

Lol that’s awesome. I can’t believe he banned you for that though. When I beat his team in the rematch, one of his teammates rage quit after I killed him before he went to get reinforcements lol.

Lol what :b

Yeah they are all little punks. They think they are gods at the game but cant handle competition.

On the ps4 is quite simple to record videos. You hit the share button located on the left side of the touch pad near the directional buttons. Or dpad. At the end of the match. I think it records the last 10 mins of gameplay unless you change it which is the tricky part. I think its located in the setting and is like video playback or share feature but you can make it record all the way up 45 mins of gameplay per share button press. So it back records everything for you

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You reffered to me as the sweaty recon squad so I had to tag you lol

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