Happy about Disnay owning Predator? Watch this...


Well here’s where people get things wrong. Let’s say a shitty marvel movie releases. Who are you going to blame? Marvel, the ones that are more involved with the movie? Or Disney? The ones that just help fund the movie? It’s Lucasfilm to blame for the sequel trilogy. Not Disney. Yes Disney own Lucasfilm just like they own marvel. But you wouldn’t blame Disney for a crappy marvel film would you. So you’d blame Lucasfilm for the sequel trilogy.

And people tend to forget that despite how dividing the sequel trilogy was, if it weren’t for Disney buying Lucasfilm, we wouldn’t get the good stuff tons of people are enjoying like Rogue one, Solo, Rebels, Mandolorian and more.

As for the future of the predator franchise, I don’t think Disney owning Fox will have much of an impact on the franchise other than more films and bigger budgets. So yeah, I personally am happy about this situation if it means we’ll get more out of the franchise to take our minds off that awful last movie.

But if the franchise does go to shit, that’s nobody’s fault but Fox’s. They’re still the ones calling the shots. So like I said, it won’t make much of a difference.


There are parallels to all franchises though. Star Wars can’t make money unless it’s tied back to the Original Trilogy somehow. Same with Terminator and Ghostbusters.
Predator is kind of the same. Alien too.

The reliance on old storytelling shows creatively bankrupt things are getting.

The Marvel movies can fuck right off. So can the Chinese market which just seems to dilute everything.

Is this it now? For ever?


Those poor X-Men never got the recognition they deserved.

People act like “Disney” didn’t give them Mandalorian and Rogue One.
Disney isn’t writing the screenplay lol


Rogue One is better than the prequels. It felt like a classic OT movie and was captivating throughout. Visually gorgeous with great characters. I’d still like to see the abandoned “darker” cut that Disney weren’t too happy about marketing to a family demographic, the version they released was pretty grim as it was.

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Uh no this was all Disney. They interfered with the entire process and literally had execs running the whole show. This one was all on Disney

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This guy white knighting over Disney the shiftiest company out there that only cares about pushing their agenda and pleasing annoying feminists or LGBTQ fans

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Inclusion is important they way marvel did it recently was a dumpster fire, and I also think it needs to fit the character like Deadpool for example hes pansexual in the canon. Making LGBTQ for no plot reason other than to fit an agenda thats not the right way to go about it.

Sorry, long post here :)

Well, complex stuff. Involving different mediums and divisions of a main company. And as with everything, it has its cons and pros.

When Disney acquired FOX Studios, they rebranded the 20th Century Fox Studios to 20th Century Studios as a vehicle to release films R-rated or that aren’t Disney’s Family oriented.

Now it doesn’t mean that Disney leaves it up to now-executives of Century Studios do whatsoever they want; Disney has a strong influence and has the final word on the production direction of an IP.
But it gives the hopes that more mature content can be explored wich includes graphic violence/ sex and heavier themes.

As for the comics, now Predator and Aliens in Marvel, it was expected but the main “concern” is how they will handle it. And the success of these IPs on Marvel ties-in with “possibility of new movies” to be made.

Obviously, Marvel has a broader audience than Dark Horse, and this is a plus for the IPs, in theory more people would be exposed to Predator and Aliens, and more exposure could result in more demand, more demand turns into popularity, and eventually the gears for a movie start rolling…

On the other hand, broader audience means “often” watering down the tone of the material–yes, I know there are specific labels under Marvel for more mature content, but like it or not they are way more “niche” than the “normal” audience.

With that said, I hope that Marvel won’t include Predator, Aliens, and AvP as part of their superhero shared universe and continuity (or whatsoever it is referred to). Crossovers, I sense will happen here and there and as long as they are treated as “what if” stories, I guess it’s fine–although I, for one, find the crossovers that included our beloved Predator and Aliens rather dull.

They should keep the IPs in their own universe with no ties-ins with the superhero universe.

Also, this might affect Titan Books that’s been releasing Aliens, Predator, and AvP novels over decades now and are mostly considere “canon” and this might affect Predator: Hunting Grounds as it seems what we’re e seeing in here such Dutch’s and OWLF’s tapes are to be considered “canon”.

And before people go mad, I believe each one of us define what’s canon or not for him/herself. Meaning, if you enjoyed something in the universe even if it is not official cannon, well… it is as good as if it were…

The only thing I get myself thinking over and over is that we live in a world where socio-political agendas are pushed forward under the disguise of tolerance and equality…and seems lately Disny got some heat for it…

Not exactly. Disney only helped distribute the films and series. The rest is Lucasfilm and whoever else works for them. You get a crappy movie? Blame whoever wrote it.

I like how your response is nothing more than an attack. Shows you have nothing of value to say. And FYI I’m the last person to be white knighting over Disney. I’m just telling you the facts. Disney doesn’t have much involvement. As already mentioned, they may get the final word, but they don’t micromanage the development for such things.

So… the people who work for Disney? Dude I’m sorry this one is like directly on Disney no doubt about it.

You really know nothing about who was put in charge of Star Wars do you? Please actually know what you’re talking about before running around acting like you know things. You do this on every post you aren’t “big brained” you just come off as very stupid

He does this on every post he tried to act intelligent on things he is obviously wrong on

It’s cute how you resort to personal attacks because you know what you say has no weight to it. You can’t even formulate a counter argument.

What’s the first thing you see when you watch a star wars movie? The words “Lucasfilm”. What about marvel? “Marvel cinematic universe”. How about fox movies? “Fox 20th century studios”. All of which are owned by Disney. Disney do not write the scripts to these films. They do not micromanage the people involved with them. They help fund them, distribute them and share profit. And that is all they do. So are you going to blame Disney if marvel releases a crappy predator comic? I sure hope not.

The only films Disney have as much involvement in as you claim they do with these other properties is their own films like Lion king, pirates of the Carribbean etc.

You did see The Predator, right?

That released in 2018. Disney acquired Fox 2019.

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Yes, I know, I’m talking about Marvel style universe being injected in to Predator franchise like a enema applied to a hippo with severe constipation? You know this is the way they will now push this?

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Given the backlash of that film I would guess they don’t want to go down that route anymore. At least I hope so. But we can’t say for certain where the franchise is headed. Only time will tell that one.

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