Has anybody done this as the Predator?

Has anybody done this?
I have waited all the way until fireteam calls for the chopper then attacked and killed all 4 without sustaining any damage at all. It was even against a party of 4 with all players using Scout Duelist.





Yes, many times. But when i meet PS players then the rounds usually don’t last longer than a minute, they die after they have mudded up.


Yep. Loads of times. Thing is today randoms barely even mud up before I kill them, let alone get to the chopper lol

Shiiiiit, you got to do it against a team of Scouts? That’s just ringing the dinner bell lmao. Oh hey, we’re all gonna bunch up in a small area and get shot at by AI except we’ve health health enough to be one shot by the caster.

Trick is, at that point, actually claiming or killing. Downing then is easy af. But if you want a no damage game, AI damage counts and you’d have to caster from a safe spot and kill with it to maintain zero damage.

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Still Scared to fight me huh @JoeHollywood2011


What’s the point of beating you if I don’t get recognition for it or any other great game that I have? You monkeys only post here what you want people to see. Not my wins through domination and certainly not your rage quits.

Lol pathetic. You didn’t even last five minutes against us. Got gud noob

Video or it didn’t happen.

Your scared to fight me cause you know you’ll lose to me bro what’s gonna be your next excuse for not fighting me

Time stamp right there 12+ min left lol


Gave up like a bitch too just blew himself up didn’t even try to heal up and continue

lmao not surprising bro pussy wont even 1v1 me as pred

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Hahaha 😂
And he said he killed PC premades. He wouldn’t last the whole minute.
We just killed a dude on Epic (PC) in 22 seconds.


@JoeHollywood2011, it takes zero skill to use the battle axe.

Sit your potato ass down already.

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Got a vid?


Why would I be afraid of anybody if I played more games than anybody and therefore trying hard to play everybody?

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I got a screenshot, I wasn’t recording.

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If you don’t rock and stone you aint goin home🪨🪨🪨🪨