Heacker or glitched match?

@IllFonic I tried reporting it to Sony but Sony won’t do anything because supposedly it’s an in-game problem that i should report to you guys.

Please find why the game glitched out or find a way to ban this player, if DigitalFondle truly is a hacker. Thank you.

That just looks like bad lag to me bro

It’s a de-syncing problem. In his rendering, you were standing in the same place the whole time.

He’s not hacking. Illfonic needs to find a better solution for client-server-client prioritization.


Really? I just don’t get why DigitalFondle would leave right after he killed me. Kind of suspicious, no?

Oh, okay. I see. 👍

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People that are 150 leave the game after killing potato Preds all the time.

Nah. He doesn’t have any reason to stay

All of you were hacking. Now you have the virus.

Yeah this. Has happened to me before as well.

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The silver lining is that it is very rare.

Unfortunately, it happens in this game way more often than any other multiplier game I’ve ever played.

You say that but this literally happened to me before and the guy changed his psn right after the match.

Then there was the other time the clock disappeared or stopped too.

I’ve seen lag before, real fkn convienent that one tho.

Hacker cheat hacker cheater

🤷‍♂️ Not sure that’s a sure sign of a hack, but I know that the de-syncing glitch still happens, because I have killed at least 2 predators recently that were teleporting when killed or running in place.

once my predator was full and impenetrable, he was the last soldier my predator simply glowed without even the right to heal and i hadn’t even glowed before… i went to record and pressed the wrong button, because i count and ngm believes Hahahaha

Why would the dude change his psn right after the match?
It was back when you could see throphy levels too, and it was a new account.

Was a throw away account.

It happens when you have shitty upload speed, or an upload connection momentaneous glitch making it to not upload your instant position.
Or, it actually is a “hacking”.
There is a pc app that manages you router and slows down the upload speeds.
It is used a lot on Division and Division 2 on PC.

True. People have had lag switches as far back as I can remember. There could be players intentionally trying to create these type of situations. It would be very hard to prove, though.

I had two de-syncs happen to me so far.

First Time: Didn’t know what it was

Second Time: Didn’t mind that much but gave me a funny or pretty tragically death 😂

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Hummmm… Could be sync glitch, but I’m leaning towards it being a shitty lagswitcher due to the convenient timing of the issue.

Problem is this game has so many issues, and there are quite a few scumbags happy to use this kind of cheat, that it’s difficult to be certain one way or the other.

You could try sending the video to the guy in it and see what he has to say. If he has his settings set to block messages I’d take that as a good indicator that he’s done this before.

It’s really not that hard. Devs have to analyze the player log report during that match and if the upload speed drops matches the moments he shoots or is shot at, there you go…

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