Health amount pigs give is Absurd

@Courier The pigs that give the Predator almost full is Insane. it needs to be adjusted that it gives them back %25 health or %30, almost full hp is Broken with the amount of pigs that keep spawning.

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You do realize that eating a boar is punishable right. If you let a pred eat a boar thats on you tor not tracking them well enough




I kill Predators eating boars routinely. Just chase them. And I’m not even that good.




Orune is a fucking idiot. I’ve tried talking to him, I’ve even PM’d him to try to make peace and he fucking just said I was starting shit.

Hes one of the very few ppl I fkn hate on here.

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Yeah I see him crying alot here that he is bad and the Pred is 2 op lol. He must play solo or something

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Tho I belive they should limit the amount of boar spawn in one place(not limit per match), the amount of health should be kept the same.

The Predator always has a trade off with everything he has, you have to track boar(even wasting your TI) and eating boars leave you vulnerable, while the FT can easily use a syringe or pop a healing kit on the floor.

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Aha, not like fireteam members can instantly heal themself with medkits that spawn all around the map and can refill there morphine-syringes


God dam dude all you do is whin.

@Courier The medpacks that give the FT almost full is Insane. it needs to be adjusted that it gives them back %25 health or %30, almost full hp is Broken with the amount of medpack that keep spawning.


Medkits should squeal and make stock pig noises to announce to the pred that the FT is interacting with a medpack btw


Them screaming at the top of their lungs “GOTTA GET STICKED UP” wasnt enough. Or “THROWING MEDICAL SUPPLIES” lol

You really need to learn to duck. Lmao

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And I’m sorry how many health kits and syringes do the fire team get ok thank you have a good day

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Either because their kids or they’re just bad at games

When you eat a boar (which spawns right next to ft) you are still stuck in an animation so you’re easily punished for it and the amount of health you get from it is fine, saying that the health you get from it should be nerfed is exactly like saying medkits should be nerfed because they give out too much health for ft and you can heal from a medkit 3 or 4 times. No the health you get from a boar as pred is fine.

Yeah this is a no for me. You can hear him eating it and he’s stuck in the animation. He can be killed just for trying to eat one. Also this is like saying the health kits around the map shouldn’t give FT full HP

Damn did Fire just curse someone lol