Health amount pigs give is Absurd

Them screaming at the top of their lungs “GOTTA GET STICKED UP” wasnt enough. Or “THROWING MEDICAL SUPPLIES” lol

You really need to learn to duck. Lmao

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And I’m sorry how many health kits and syringes do the fire team get ok thank you have a good day

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Either because their kids or they’re just bad at games

When you eat a boar (which spawns right next to ft) you are still stuck in an animation so you’re easily punished for it and the amount of health you get from it is fine, saying that the health you get from it should be nerfed is exactly like saying medkits should be nerfed because they give out too much health for ft and you can heal from a medkit 3 or 4 times. No the health you get from a boar as pred is fine.

Yeah this is a no for me. You can hear him eating it and he’s stuck in the animation. He can be killed just for trying to eat one. Also this is like saying the health kits around the map shouldn’t give FT full HP

Damn did Fire just curse someone lol

Its typically how I am, I try to be nice and talk shit out with ppl tho. But eh.


Yeah, that’s IF we can find a fucking boar to heal on. Meanwhile, one FT has 2 syrettes (3 if using Gearhead Perk) which can be replenished using one of the 3 supply crates scattered around the map, the option to carry a health pack giving 3 full heals each so if 4 FT carry a health pack that’s now 12 full heals plus 8 syrettes, and then there’s the static health packs which are backed up with a random health pack spawn… yeah, totally unfair that a Predator can fully heal after wasting time finding the mythical boar creature, killing it loudly so that any smart FT knows where he is and what he’s doing, gets locked in an eating animation first before the health bar starts to regenerate. During this whole time it takes one FT member to dump a clip into it and put it in second wind or worst, insta death.

Orune, either learn to play this game or move on. And that’s not even saying Get Gud, just saying LEARN HOW THE GAME WORKS because then you’ll see that if any side needs a healing nerf it certainly isn’t the Predator and it’s access to boars. FOH 😡

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Which is why we all love you, and even after all your bullshit you’re still my number one🤗😝🤣

I’m going outa my fucking mind on here tho lately lol.
As someone who’s on the more agreeable side, its beyond frustrating seeing how ppl really arent cause their just selfish and feel they need to be right.

I’ve had matches with zero 🐷s. And FT has their own syringes, field medkits and ones just laying around. I think I’d like to keep my high 🐖 health. Plus you have to chase those little farts down half the time. Its fine the way it is

nothing hurts preds more than nade while eating a boar

Nope - FT can insta heal by applying a shot WHILE FUCKING RUNNING and pred needs to find, kill and stop to eat a pig - GTF dude


Noktrum I remember a time when you wouldnt even swear.

They’ve corrupted you so much.
Lol xD

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And the amount of medkits the fireteam can carry is absurd… what’s your point besides “waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh waaaaaaahhhh”

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Also as far as I can tell there are pretty much barely any boar on the maps anymore which is enough of a nerf :P

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They’ve been touching me Fire… right in the middle of my fucking mandibles! How the fuck can I not swaer!?

It’s time Noktrum.
It’s time you bite.

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I love this! I’m taking it… Lol