Hear me out, a small little detailed list of potentially great additions to this game.

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I already know they’re coming, you guys know, we all know. But I thought of a few neat ideas.

A pine forest with many Hills. It’s windy, snowy and very grey. The perfect place for Valk and Viking to hunt. This is not only perfect due to their name’s origins but also because we know they battled the Norsemen, so obviously they hunted in the cold. Some potential mission ideas are Stargazer operatives finding an ancient Yautja ship wreck buried underneath a lake or within a hill and they’re trying to excavate it. We could have cool underground Tunnels and caverns covered in ice.

An Oasis. With the addition of Miss Middle Eastern Top Dawg herself, and the fact that some of her bios telling us she hunted in Egypt over a millenia ago (I believe that’s when the last royal dynasty ended) this makes sense. Just a big ass hidden oasis with palm trees, many invernal pools, small streams and a great deal of palm trees. Maybe Stargazer is trying to summon Yautja there?🤔 That’d be a cool mission OBJ.

Next a Japanese island. Just an island with trees, huts, those beautiful old-japanese styled homes and whatnot. Maybe the island is abandoned?🤔 Smth brought the FT to the island, as to what, I dunno. Shit, maybe they found Samurai’s clan? Or some sort of remnant of them, like a digsite of skeletons and shit.

Variations! These will make maps more exciting. An early morning/sunrise version, afternoon, evening/sunset and late night. This would be a great way to add night vision features and flashligts. Plus it makes the game way more exciting.

A map voting system. I’d like it in now, a way to choose maps. Have two be offered and whichever one gets the most votes would be chosen. The more maps we get the even better this feature would be.

Class/DLC Changes!!

The updates, even if it is just a character need to be a bit more impactful. Please! For FT, I saw someone mentioned having a new specialization, Perk(s) a new primary and/or Second, a special ability perhaps (some sort of unique passive) and even “other” equipment such as blades, bats, etc.

For the Predators!

Besides stat changes and minor model differences. A unique skin. It doesn’t even have to have multiple varients. Each Hunter and Huntress need to come with a new skin pls. Also, a roar! Each Yautja should have their own unique roars. It literally doesn’t have to be anything major, could just be longer and more high pitched or mid but very basey? Maybe it’s more of a hissing growl or just a deep, bone chilling, haunting bellow-roar.

Regarding armor, predlocks, that stuff is fine. Please do keep that up, lol. Weapons!! We need more weapons and not variations. It’s okay if a variation comes but don’t have that be the stand-in for a DLC weapon, looking at you Cleo. Gear!! Predator should all come with some sort of gear item, that I advise to be tailored to their predator but not at a loss if I should put it on a different class. We REALLLY do need more gear for Pred, pls!

Plasma Casters. Love the unique designs but the typing needs to change please! Some should shoot spray pellets, others should shoot in three. Maybe one as a multi-firing one but can’t be charged? Those are a few examples.

More unique passives. Maybe a predator who does increased damage and takes reduced damage when their health drops below 75 percent? Or maybe a Predator that can’t use thermal (for some reason) and instead has significantly better target isolation? Which gets even better the fuller their energy bar is? I dunno but those are a few examples.

You can even increase DLC price and I PROMISE IT WOULDN’T matter if we’re getting this much shit.

Like guys, please listen to us. That’s all we really want. If it’s money…and money alone that you are after, we’ve been telling you since the beginning how to make more.

We feel unheard. Honestly. And it hurts when something you feel so passionate about gets neglected and whatnot. We just want better and we know you guys can do it.😁 Hell, I’d be lying if I said the game wasn’t better than the beginning.

Free updates! They’re good but a bit lackluster. You shouldn’t put them on the same day, I think it’d be wiser to have the free update be a few days after or before.

Banning feature. Rainbow Six Seige has a wonderful setup for being able to kick out people who are idal, working with the Pred or trolling and making the game difficult. For when they leave, give them a ban. 30 min to like 2 hrs. The more frequently they leave or are in-gam reported, the longer their bans can be.

Lastly, transparency! Please. Talk with us more. You don’t even have to listen to us on what should be in the game and what shouldn’t but please talk with us more. I haven’t met Devs so quiet before. Please share more, even if it is minor things coming up for the game.

I’m tired, it’s late at night. All I can say is just don’t let this game die. Please. Just don’t let it die.


@Courier @OldKingHamlet

People in siege hate that feature keep it out

Nah, cuz when a dumbass enters my match, get em’ out.

People will abuse it

Take the last ammo bag, kick

Last one alive, kick

Be a bad player to any degree even small mistakes, kick

It’s abused more than used

I want a map where it’s on Yautja Prime. But only accessible to level 120 up. Alpha predator, hunter, and elder class only. OWLF class only. Hidden Easter egg Xenomorph skull


That’s a whole mess of things no one wants to touch

It would be worth it tho

A. How are you going to limit classes

That requires a complete rework of either the loudout creation or mission start

B. That screws over most builds

OWLF isn’t meta so automatic nerf to FT but only for one map

RIP Valk players as well who like to use hit and run tactics or discipline or vicious

Your literally taking what little we have left for a gimmick

At least the Pred classes are meta

For now at least

C. Locking the map behind levels rips the playerbase in half for a gimmick

At least something like SBMM solves something

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No banning.


Ya in the current game it wouldn’t work

If classes actually meant something then ya but it doesn’t

The whole class thing is a different story.
But as for banning, like ppl barely play this.
It cant afford banning lol.

I liked the part where you talked about maps, but you know illfonic has been putting us down

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I’m an idiot

I already went against that idea

But banning and a kick feature are just different in my head

I was thinking class banning

More biggie, but seriously, let this game revive itselft then if its going good, ban ppl.

Would do too much damage now.

in addition they could add the day and night cycle, where you need it, set up camp and hide from the predator (or just hunt it yourself) that would be a good thing to add, night vision goggles, flashlight and maybe UV light (a UV light would mess up the predator’s heat vision) and they could also add other vision modes for the predator like the ones in the: predator: concrete jungle game, they have to learn a lot from this game

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You sir I like you

I just want Hunt Showdown with predator then we get access to ooga booga boyscout crafting once you’re stranded there with the pred.

They won’t give us our pvpve survival hunting game.

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We need armor variants like how Jason had bloody clothes in F13

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thank you sir, but the idea was worth it, but at least they could be more innovative, by the way i liked the day and night cycle

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More maps are coming?

I like the idea of predator/ft crates like the bungled one year anniversary dlc except it’s all new stuff

I got $20 ready and waiting for a crate that has a bunch of new masks, armor, weapon variants as well as new weapons

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