So first off, @Courier please, fix this under the map exploit. Thanks.

As for everyone else.
At first I thought, ok, not a big deal, the games freezing on me, but it does that all the time. But then it was only happening when I was shooting at them.

Second, what the fuck happened to the timer? Pay close attention, eventually the timer just vanishes.
Third. Look at THAT.

my thermal wont work, even tho my mask is still there.
Fucking funny how that works right?

Lastly. Look at how I died. No chance to even set off my bomb, and they hit me from god knows where, cause they were half way across the map.

These were ps4 players too.
They sounded European, which big fkn surprise there.
Usually anytime I ran into hackers, its been like 60% European, 40% some other part of the planet.



Unfortunately, expect to see more of that particular “under the map” bullshit at that specific spot because there’s a video doing the rounds on YouTube showing how to get there🙄

It’s the only time I wish I had the old roof slam damage.
Them hiding under the map was merely annoying it’s the other shit that really bothered me.

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You should have used the in-game reporting system.

Yeah. But they were on throw away accounts.
So they’d just do it on a different account.
Plus change their ip to avoid ip ban.

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Well, I apologise for my fellow EU scumbags behaviour. We’re not all bad😏

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Lmao that percentage represents what I’ve ran into. So 60% of hackers I’ve ran into. Not 60% of hackers are from Europe xD.

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Rename the topic title “UNDER THE MAP EXPLOIT AND TIMER HACK” so it gets noticed, the current title is the type that tends to get overlooked. And maybe try sending the link to illfonics Twitter?

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Good call, let me use youtube click bait tactics xD.
I tagged courier so hopefully it gets fixed.

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I’ll message Illfonic and the team on Twitter now, and give them the YouTube link for the video👍🏼


Alright, perfect.

Actually yikes xD…

In evolve the monster could have just spammed his abilities millions of times in a second… i think hackers fucked up the game a lot… in general most people left due to hackers xD…

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I just hope all this shit gets fixed

Dude fuck that fucking rock on that fucking map FTs wasting 15 mins of everyones time happened to me earlier and again on FT side. /endrant

Haven’t seen the timer vanish before though did they message you at all after the match & finish talking?

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Nope. I tried to message them, but they had it to where you cant send them messages. Both of the guys talking.

Their ping doesn’t change from 4ms throughout the entire game does it?
Like the WHOLE TEAM is frozen at 4-8ms even with the dude teleporting around at 7 mins unless thats just the magic of you have 100+ ping. Really looks like they’re fucking with things on Sony’s end.

I think it might of at the start but lord knows. The whole match was fucjed

Honestly I dont even play on backwater anymore as the Pred. If i load in and see its backwater I just leave and re quee. Would rather wait than maybe running into these type of players

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Lol it wasnt the under the map that pissed me off, it was all the other bull shit xD

Yeah I know. I was just saying what I personally do. The exploits are bad in this game.