History IS written by the winners

Not to long ago I commented that in a digital age all of history is preserved but just overnight a piece of such history disappeared.

Guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’ll ban, guess who’s back 😁

Our overlords have returned to shape history. Praise ****a


Had someone say I was “on the wrong side of history” in a topic of discussion on FB not long ago. I admitted that seeing as how history is written by the winner that may in fact be the truth but it doesn’t make me wrong.

The fun part is you can watch it happens in real time now and it’s still effective because the average attention span is a week at best with current news cycles

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Was there a legitimate counter to your point or was it just ‘we have more people on our side’?

There’s an arguement, but it’s not a black and white scenario. Essentially the arguement was that the woman shot and killed in the captiol building was a traitor who deserved her fate. I argued that was a little extreme of a stance and that the line between “protester” and “traitor” can blur.

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They gloss over the fact antifa members that arranged a counter “protest” at the same time , were also arrested in the building . Double standards at its best as he was released without charge

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That wasn’t even a factor in all honesty. The whole conversation was just about whether it was justifiable to use deadly force and should she be stripped of veteran benefits post humously

She more than likely will be , if she was on the other side of the fence there would be riots and memorials . But then again maybe not…she was white

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A life is a life , if someone is posing a threat then force to an extent should be expected , I doubt she posed much of a threat and life only seems to matter when it can be used for an agenda


She bares some responsibility for her own fate regardless of the line between protestor and traitor. As a member of the armed forces she knows what they’re trained to do to protect a location, why expect capitol guards to not uphold their oath to the same degree.

The loss of life is tragic though.

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Wasn’t arguing that, although maybe I could in the pretext of “are you saying stay home if you don’t want to get shot?” I won’t though.

Doesn’t matter, this was an example and not the point of the thread

Deserse is a strong word here. I’d say the courts should decide these situations, but that was an impossibility her. I’d say it was justified if the protesters were given warnings/warning shots. After that she made a choice to press on and got shot.

Traitor is also a strong word here that should be decided by the courts.

So to me it would be a difficult argument to be had in terms of the terminology used

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That was the principle of my argument was the fact that there were little to no non lethal measures taken prior to her being shot. Not only that but the path behind the target wasn’t clear. If there was penetration of the round, it would have wound up in capitol police behind her and unintended casualties.

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Only in 2021 is it called a traitor , to defend your country for 14 years and get shot while unarmed at a protest against a suspect election

I noticed illfonic closed the election fraud thread aswell 😁 . I guess they don’t want the parlor treatment either

We wont hear from @YUPPERS for a while either. I think it’s because the used the other ‘N’ word; the 4 letter varietyr

What happened to the previous thread that was titled Nazi Illfonic or something by Yuppers? Did they close that one down too?

No just closed, i think it was deleted. Not sure if something was said later at night after I bailed, but if I had to guess, it was because of the title. @YUPPERS IDC serving a 45 day ban

Oh, I had a feeling it would get closed lol. He should’ve titled it differently but whatever.

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Emotions get the best of people. Now it’s up to you and @BadBlood to hold down the alternate news fort

Not surprised at all he was banned and the thread was closed

He was too aggressive in his approach for sure

Here’s a question I propose to the community

Who was Isaac Kappy?