History IS written by the winners

I’m on the more liberal side of things, as such I’m calling it an insurrection, happy about the impeachment, etc. - that said, I am against the state killing anyone in my name, especially without a fucking trial.

They should take a look at all of the available evidence and see if this police officer/agent/whatever the fuck they were acted within the bounds of their training or expectations of their position.

If they did, then the training needs to be changed and her family needs to be compensated somehow. If not, then a speedy dismissal and subsequent criminal culpability.

Shooting a woman in the chest for the crime of climbing through the glass on a door is absolutely fucking absurd. I get that the scene was hectic, but I expect better from people in positions of authority and responsibility.

I mourn the loss of life, and I always will. This was a truly terrible and dark day for America.


I have no problem with illfinic doing whatever cause it is their forum.

That bring said, while some things are no brainer, i wish we knew the rules. There are multiple possible reasons to close the Voter Fraud thread, but i wish we knew exactly. Judging from @YUPERS response to that, he wasn’t given one. Illfinic doesn’t owe us that, but i could also see how @YUPPERS would overreact to that and take it out on them.

I agree with the ban cause things were going in a wrong direction. Even though I was not offended by anything, i do consider calling people’s N*** or commie offensive. Make it about the issue and not about the people. We’ve made some friends or at least some aquentances here what that listen and respond to what we say, so it would be good to get a bit more considerate about their feeling even if you disagree with their opinions.


People refuse to hear each other

It makes me so sad for this world

The truth isn’t left or right


Most of the convos aren’t like that, there’s only been a few that spiralled out into hostilities. We all don’t agree but I feel we’ve had good conversations about politics.

Same here. Communication should be a strength, but right now it’s devisive

Agreed. Only a few times did things get a bit more testy

We are being played against each other

The sooner everyone realizes this the better

I wonder what the solution is. It seems like there a need to pick a side. If you don’t then in a 2 party system it’s like you don’t matter

The solution is for the majority to realize media sensationalism is for ratings, loud mouths are loud because they’re selling something, and just because someone has a different opinion doesn’t make him the enemy.

Right now America is fighting over who is wrong and not caring about what is wrong. The entire government save a few idealists is filled with hypocritical opportunists looking for re-election and not being held accountable for their actions or rhetoric. That’s both sides and that’s all there is to it.

Thats your right to an opinion, I respect that . Can I ask though that if you are happy about impeachment, will you still like impeachment if Biden is impeached? Genuine question and not a sarcastic one either

He used “noob”? 😁 . I’ve been off the forum and game for weeks now , only popped on when I had spare time today , does it still run like a bag of shit? I’m not surprised they locked down the election thread really , cancel culture is the new thing and god forbid if there was a forum somewhere the public had access to that questioned anything not on the allowed list

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Nah that had nothing to do with cancel culture and everything to do with just going off the damn rails

Why was he so pissed at them?

What about external adversaries?

Who would benefit from this?

Who is diametrically opposed to the western world?

If we disregard the media, will issues with COVID, social justice, election go away? Are these issues real? If so, how are disagreements to be settled?

Lol. Im a bit put down by the lack of changes so I’m not sure. I watch s few vids here and there, but mostly I’m in the off topic section of the forum. The game is fine i guess; same issues likely but people just try to enjoy it. Haven’t really seen any post a out the technical shortcomings in the General Discussion section.

He uses a word that describes a group of people who follow a ‘system of government described a an extreme dictatorship, seven across’ (hot fuzz)

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Beats me

The politicians should be in tune with this; and we follow them

Oh they’re in tune alright

Which politicians are tied to the CCP?

They all need to be kicked out of office

Cause they locked the ‘voter fraud’ thread, i think. Either that and/or because no reason was given