History IS written by the winners

It’s not disregarding It’s toning down. If you’re job is to deliver the news, deliver the news, don’t add inflammatory or degrading commentary. You can tell me about an officer involved shooting without mentioning race. About the medical advice of doctors from both side of the issue not just one. Give me the facts to formulate an opinion on, not the facts you agree with, your opinions on the matter and why I’m a bad person for not agreeing.


I get that. And in the end we sti pick a side. Dems or Reps and the conflict goes on

I haven’t picked a side

This is the problem

We are all on the same side

Or at least we’re supposed to be

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Almost noone does that anymore cause the news adds that little tid bit of partisan comment it’s viewer to relate to

I hold all of my elected representatives to a higher standard.

If Biden has done something that is worthy of impeachment that isn’t some QANON, “Deep State” conspiracy theorist malarkey, then absolutely.

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We should be, but it feels like it’s two parties at each other’s necks for some time now. Probably at least since bush jr. years. They never really work together except when it’s time to pass the budget or on issues that will make everyone look bad if nothing is done (covid relief)

They both need to be dissolved then as we are in this mess because of thier lack of cohesion and venemous vitriol from both sides

It used to be the mark of great journalists, and teachers. How they could give you the information of a story without even hinting at how they felt about it.

Facts don’t sell unfortunately. Emotion sells, scandal sells, sensation sells. If at the end your business isn’t profitable it doesn’t matter and advertising doesn’t pay well if no one is watching

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I felt like this for a long time, but I have a hard time seeing how things will improve when new politicians come around. Accountability standards have to improve and that means changes to the constitution

Agreed. Weird that it’s like media has to be sensors for partisan/emotional content

Again, it sells. The really fun/scary part is the fact that right now the house is impeaching the president for the 2nd time in the grounds of inciting a riot and rhetoric that lead to violence. A riot that broke out at the capitol building.

I think someone could make a compelling argument that the media has done the very same thing over the summer. Along with members of congress and candidates across the country (on both sides) because this was an election year. Can’t drum up the base without a war cry anymore and policy just doesn’t sell to the millennial crowd.

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Id buy that argument. What works against trump is that he’s a single target so it’s easy to go after him, while it’s harder when a group is involved. I remember someone saying that if one person does a questionable act it’s a crime, but if a group does it it’s ok (spmething to the tune of that)

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“Everyone can’t be wrong” basically…which I’m sure is a comfortable thought to have after jumping off the bridge

It should be illegal for any American politician to do business with ANY Chinese company


Every chinese company no matter the size answers to the CCP

From street vendors to ali baba

The CCP has thier fingers in everything

Pretty much

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The government telling private citizens and companies who they can and can’t do business with is what got China where it is in the first place…

It would make sense as it opens a door to corruption on a national level.

Government officials aren’t private citizens

They should also be barred from receiving money from the CCP or any of it’s affiliates

They are when not acting in the capacity of the government.

Besides the counter to that was supposed to be the media, informing citizens of the dealings of elected officials. Doesn’t matter when no one listens or cares.


Technically you’re right but they are still members of the US government that can and are being persuaded by the CCP

The CCP is the anithesis to American Democracy

It creates a conflict of interest