Honest? Don't release Jungle Hunter 87

Why should players who didn’t pre-order from your GLORIOUS AAAA+ developers get it?
None of us are fit to lick the mud from Illfonics boots, clearly.
Who CARES if people didn’t know your ILLUSTRIOUS company even existed awhile back?
Sucks to be them, amirite? So what if people would pay to get the skin, and it’d be much needed revenue for your company?
CLEARLY YOU ALL know what your doing, and what WE imbecilic consumers want more than we do.
/s off

For real though? IDC about it, but I DO feel slightly bad for everyone who does want it, and didn’t have a prayer.

ILLFONIC, if anyone else worth their salt got this IP we’d all be gone by now.
And it looks like you all KNOW that too, because you’re literally just shy of monetizing the loot boxes to be among the worst in the industry.
Which wouldn’t even be that bad, if the game was good. . . but. . .
Your incompetence is staggering!

My personal complaints : There’s more people on the planet with red hair than there are people with blue eyes, or that live in IRELAND. You have orange PREDLOCS, but not one shade of ginger hair for HUMANS. Genuinely, as a redheaded person FUCK YOU for that on a SHEER personal level.
You wouldn’t DARE to block all Irish players. I don’t care if it’s cosmetics. You have no excuse to not just add that in already.
But for something actually technical?
Bots have apparently dropped recently, but if you get rid of them you reduce EXP rewards SUBSTANTIALLY. WTF?! Why would making it HARDER take away EXP?
Yeah, that’s a GREAT IDEA! Cuz random actual FT matches are TOTALLY the place to grind.
You are the most petty devs I’ve had the displeasure of watching running (More like RUINING) anything since League of Legends. If a pred landed in Co, and started claiming your spines and skulls, I’d get a bucket of popcorn and watch like it was one of the movies. I’m just glad this isn’t my favorite franchise, because if it was I’d have probably killed myself by now with this pandemic on top of it all.


Don’t try to stop me



Okay bye

So you list why they suck , which is accurate, but you think throwing more money at them is a smart decision? 🤨

Increase the level cap to 2,000 and make it the last level unlock.

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Wrong. H e . I s . E x c l u s i v e.

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IllFonic dare not acknowledge the soulless ones.


Oh noes, no gingers in the game, WHAT WILL WE EVER DOOOO.


Are you discriminating against people with red hair because if you are then not only are you racist and a bigot but a bigoted racist and that makes you a capitalist Marxist nazi and that’s just not okay!


No u

We got a copper top.
confirmed 👉🏻 @REYNOSO_FUA11


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The gingerposter is back again

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You should , we don’t like your kind around here 👍🏻.

Nah , if there are two things I hate its people who are intolerant of others , and gingers .

Its nothing personal , its just the freckles freak me out .


5 bucks is 5 bucks, and Cleopatra looks neat.
This is what happens when there’s an effective monopoly on an IP.
Supply, and Demand.

Legit though, you all are why I don’t give a fuck if none of you get 87.
You don’t deserve it, and I’d literally walk past all of you dying like Joaquin Phoenix’ brother when he OD’d on the Street.

Let me cry on my limited edition preorder only JH skin for your troubles.


If you are in the eu I might have a code spare 🙄