Hope for the next patch

Please tell me the reinforcements have been tweaked/nerfed/removed in this upcoming patch. I really don’t enjoy a mechanic that rewards the fireteam for messing up and dying and punishes the predator for killing the fireteam. Please illfonic don’t break my balls here.


Which balls? :D


The ones that will shrivel up when I read the patch notes and be disappointed :(

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What, reinforcements are extra exp. if you really dont want them to reinforce just spamm the place fulll with bear traps and montion detectors

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Yeah I get it extra XP but I would rather have a fun intense match than more XP. I really don’t find the mechanic fun as either side. Sucks the whole fear factor out of it. And I’d rather not waste time running around the map looking for a little radio while the fireteam are rushing through the easy objectives.

And anyway it’s still a shitty mechanic that punishes the not so good Predators like myself for killing the fireteam because we’re left at a disadvantage because we would’ve used most of our resources.

And it rewards the fireteam by giving them a second chance, all of their gear back and an advantage over the Predator.

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Reinforcements are a way to make the matches last longer, even getting to them takes like 3 mins. Just try to track down the last guy with target isolation or footsteps with observent perk

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There are better ways to make a match last longer than a broken mechanic. And the only reason they go so quick is because the fireteam don’t play carefully because they know they get a second chance.

Target isolation is rendered useless because of mud. Yeah the footprint perk will help.

But really my main problem with it is how backwards it is. Why should I be punished for killing the fireteam? Why should they be rewarded for messing up? Can you see why I think it’s a sucky mechanic?

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You dont get punished, they just get a second chance like the predator does, if i kill the fireteam the reinforcements wont be any more difficult to beat, you can literally just spawn kill them

I was just about to create a new thread about this. Frankly I’m sick and tired of losing the match because of how imbalanced is reinforcement. It’s totally a broken mechanic. Revived FT should have at least half the life bar.
And reinforcement countdown should last longer, possibily double the time.


Just bait the fireteam to revive their friends it nearly always works and its a good way to kill all 4 of them without reinforcements.
I just let the fireteam get reinforcements so i can play for longer.

Right let’s look at it this way. Let’s say you’re playing as the predator up against a premade fireteam that are damn good. Chances are they won’t need to reinforce. But you manage to kill two or three of them (Which is unlikely but in this scenario we’ll go with it). You’re left crippled. You have no medkits, you’re second wind is in cooldown and you’re low on resources. They go to reinforce while they’re mudded up and you’re trying to find them. They bring back the rest of the team and you’re left at a massive disadvantage. They have all of their gear now while you have used most of yours. You are at a massive disadvantage and there’s really not much you can do because chances are they’ve finished the objective. Do you not see how that’s a problem? You killed a good fireteam and get punished for it.


If the FT split just a bit a predator can jump in and claim 1 before you can do anything even if you start shooting just a bit after. He would get away even if he is in second win. Then you have 3 people to work with. This means that if the predator is good, your odds of winning are very low (again, if he any good). So that means you’re going to see people start leaving the moment 1 guy goes down. Then predators are going to start complaining about this, other FT member are going to start complaining about their problem because people left.

Then imagine getting killed by the pred 3 mins in. You are going to have to wait 10 mins for XP? Predators were complaining that they have to wait over the defuse time…

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Thing is the devs can’t balance a game by the 10% that run 4 man premades (yes I pulled that number out of my behind). You’re going to kill the casual market and preds que with go up, game will die.

I’m looking at this from the perspective that the fireteam isn’t brain dead and doesn’t split up and trust me this is becoming more common as people get better. If the fireteam are about as competent as a bag of rocks then of course the reinforcements are going to seem needed. If the fireteam are getting killed 3 minutes in chances are it’s their fault for not keeping in line of sight with eachother.

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If you use all your medkits your doing something wrong, every map has its pig spawn areas where many pigs spawn together. Premade teams are very good but can stilll be defeated every fireteam makes mistakes including premade fireteams

it seems like you never faced a good team ahaah, reinforcements are broken mechanics and against a good team you can lose even without getting one or two kills. Imagine when they can all revive with all their kit restored and you have the shitty second wind that is easy to chase for experienced player. They can shot you with the sniper while you are leaping or simply running close to you and shot at you with the other weapons cause you cant leap (for snipers). The bear trap is a god strategy (I always spent 2/3 minutes to find the reinf spot and put 2/3 bear trap) but trust me is not enough specially in back water and derailed.


Its not as easy to keep line of sight. Some go in houses for mission objectives, at some points you are swarmed by npc. Predator also has some insane burst, 1 single combistick throw out of stealth (you can’t see him 2m from you) can leave you with a fraction of health on most classes. I am playing with randoms, trust me its needed as it is or its going to be hell to play this with randoms. I don’t think I had 1 game the day before where people kept line of sight.

This is true for randoms, but also illfonic is going to put the tutorial in game (lone wolf you know) so even bad players will become more smart and they will play more as a team. In that moment a reinforcements nerf will become a must for sure. also pigs don’t spawn a lot of time even with target isolation for somereasons, and when they spawn they are always too close to the ft. It means that they can hear you if you kill the pig and punish you while eating that pig, it’s very easy.

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Xan84 is right, go back and read his first comment. Removing the reinforcement mechanic will have a ripple effect. As soon as players start dying, others will quit. Que times will go up.

You won’t get what you want by removing it or by seeing it as punishment when they do reinforce.

Hypothetically if they did remove it, how much health should each FT member get instead… double?

Dude, I’ve seen people repeat the same action that got them killed just before I reinforce them back into the game. Unless you’re running a 4 man premade with friends and you nerf reinforcements its going to be really bad for randoms. I do think the game is balanced since even if you lose when you find a good 4 man premade you’re going to win a lot vs randoms if you’re good. If you nerf FT anymore you’re going to make it a really bad experience for randoms.