How many more updates?

Wouldn’t this be the last “major” update mentioned?

Are we going to be receiving anymore future content into 2021?

Being 150 since last June leaves a ton to be desired for folks who have been supporting this title from the start.

Every single update has aimed at bringing new players in, which it has.

Just wondering what incentive other than “for fun” you’re gonna provide for your playerbase.


No clue man… but the only thing i know is, the longer they work for updates the longer they put their community to wait and the faster the people start dipping from the game and not playing anymore…

sad fact is i think they are already at that point and will be forced to re-design the game or even make it F2P or at least put it on steam with same price tag

I think they made a huge mistake to release the full game out after such bad reviews from BETA… the BETA was not even a BETA… it was more like LATE DEMO…

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I mean, I’d rather see moves done around the game, like items you mentioned, than this purgatory style of communication in regards to anything related to the future of this game.

We are in the month of it’s one year anniversary.

Just feels like them forgetting the Predator 2, 30th anniversary all over again…

Also sad to see them not see the value in communicating to their fans after an entire year of lack of. Even the big wig share holders that have a knife to this games neck.

Can’t fucking stand it.

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I mean i warned the people that they are driven by ego and don’t think of their opportunity to make a predator game as a honorable as they should think of it… cause nobody else was given a chance since like old AVP games which were nice but it felt very limited in FPS…

The devs are actually acting like bunch of children and not taking the state the game is in currently seriously.

At this point i want to like shake every single dev and tell them to SNAP out of it and get to work and take like the FEEDBACK very seriously for a game like this

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It doesn’t feel real, that after a year of nonstop community communication from our part to help them make the game better, they have barely listened to a thing.

Wonder what game they are working on now?

All of this money dropped from dlc and the 500+thousand units this game sold (a ton being deluxe editions) surely hasn’t seen this games light of day…

Wonder if this game will fold and Aliens: FT could pick up the IP and slide it into their game for expansion :D

Make it happen cold iron xD

Let’s just play some rebirth island man


Oh… we will.


This game used to be lot of players main game for 8 months almost.

This game even survived The launch of a new Call of Duty game.

The fact that the game companies have started to care more about money than the actual product shows.

The gaming Industry changed when the newer generation started playing games, They have no idea what good games are or how games are supposed to be Finished product with updates that are supposed to polish the finished product more.

Some companies still try to do this but they are rare and far between and also they tend to change after the first real taste of money happens.

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The amount of gamer experience we all have in this forum is immense.

Yet we just get continually bopped on the head like kids.



I still want to face the dev FT. Once I shake the rust off I think I could make it interesting.

Just don’t play excavation.

They’ll get the cave mission magically xD

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Net and trapper with elder sword and fast hands. Works every time

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Whats this past “content” you speak of ? 🤔 paid skins , paid early access to weapons, shaders and one more map? This game has lived its half life or more , less if your the optimistic type . I personally view the paid skins as cosmetics and not content . They even tried to get fans to pay for dutch , TWICE

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I feel if they talked in their streams and the game was just a distraction for the viewers and they were literally all talking about the game while casually playing the player base would have more hope. But we get hardcore ignored in the streams. They really need to take a look at StoneMountain64’s video on how to stream better and how to and when to focus on the viewers and the game

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They shot themselves in the foot when they mentioned streams are for showing and playing with new content. (Their website)

Then once ppl come to the stream expecting something “newish” we get hit with, check the forums and socials for updates, where they don’t… update us?

Might as well go support my other friends streaming or content creating.




I would genuinely be surprised at two

Damn. I hope this isn’t it.

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Where’s my content