How the mighty have fallen

So I may be new here but I have been in the shadows reading mainly but this new update made me make a account. So after reading and commenting on the vary cloak threads that have been made.

So it seems to me that the majority of the ps4 have adapted to the cloak and are not really effected by the cloak buff. (Myself included) It may have taken 4 or 5 matches to get it down and tune my headset for clicking and stomping, but I have fully adapted and changed my playstyle as such.

The pc players on the other hand at least the sweaty sniper mains have not and flat out refuse to adapt and are lowering graphics in order to maintain such “skill” if you can even call it that. I have no gripes against pc players as long as they play fairly but if you are going to outright say that the pred cloak is to op now that you have to resort to graphical exploits then in my opinion you are not a gamer you are a cheater.

Now with that, I have no agenda to hate on pc players but if you have to lower graphics then you obviously need to get good.

P.s I play with crossplay on and I dont care if I get my Predator ass kicked by a pc squad because in all reality its a game and they beat me.

@IllFonic I think its time to address pc ability to lower graphics into potato mode on the game’s settings side


Turtles are better than Thundercats.
I like Turtles.


I like turtles as well. But I believe its time to address that some “top tier” pc players are not top tier after all

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Lol. Im not trying to start a war. I believe its time tho. I know eventually we will get a pc player that will say its not cheating if its in the game’s settings. Yeah its also not cheating if I buy a 3rd party controller with aim bot hacks then. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should

Literally now i can honestly jump around tree’s OUT IN THE OPEN BTW while fireteam is just standing there trying to locate me… and them doing that mistake and not me… its their fault they are like there on the open not trying to seek shelter.

Literally the cloak is good lol… as it should be… i think pred should be able to jump from tree to tree if fireteam is out in the open not moving lmao…

I wish i can stream this game but my pc is just gonna die…


Im sorry man.

I know you are one of the worthy pc players. Never seen any post from you about playing with potato graphics

I am stealing this meme will give you credit

I play at medium which is like the boundary for foliage and fog to appear in your FOV…

When you are low everything is set to 0 or 1… so no fog no folliage shadows etc…

If i play at high my FPS will tank below 60 fps…

at epic its like tanking below 50 and at cinematic its 22-30 fps…

Im keeping it medium just cause it gets me somewhat stable 70 fps but again its just meh…

When i turn my obs and try to go live my FPS tanks to like 50 fps lmao… so its unstreamable and everyone is gonna see a stuttery gameplay.

I literally win everytime as fireteam cause i wait out predator in side a building and seek shelter until mission objective is done.

Or if he melee rushes then we just stomp him with knife and parries xD…

And when i play predator i tend to leap and slam incase they decide to camp then i use my bow until energy recharges and then if they are out in open i just plasma them lol…

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And thats fine. I think that were the game’s settings should end is medium. They need to implement that so all these “top tier” players get knocked down to average players. The fact that illfonic has allowed the pc community potato out there game with out using special software is embarrassing in say the least

U know whats funny… even at everything low he is hard to see lol but still visible as for every other setting.

I dont see the problem, only problem here is… the transition is basically instant and he just POOF gone like magician… either way thats the only change really lmao… i wrote a topic so devs dont end up ruining the cloak hopefully

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You know they will. Thats what they do

Right now id say alpha by far the most op pred to date. If you want to try energy build scout is amazing.

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If they do then oh well… im back to abusing the sniper rifle… im finally starting to be able to play other guns lmao… with the new cloak cause its fun if u ask me.

Shooting around everywhere incase i see movement and then hearing the bullet impacts, its satisfying… also gives me gosebumps lol…

When i play pred now im staying above half of my HP now cause they are unable to see me from distance and melt me lmao…

Its just pure fun now FOR ME atleast.

Cloak before was unfun even for me as fireteam…

I want them to make HUNTER gear points go from 12 to 13…

13 should be better cause then u can have like better perk build… only worthy 2 cost perk is Harder to see plasma laser

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Yeah the current balance is good the cloak is good as long as you adapt to it. I can see the cloak 45 completely invis is a little op maybe push it out to 65-70 meters but anymore than that is just asking for sniper abuse again. Its sad to see such good ft players resort to crying because they cant snipe from 250 meters anymore.

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I have always liked the alpha. I have been running the elder lately in a mid energy build and melee build

I’m talking about this type of transitions after 45 meters… u see him adapting to the jungle and basically impossible to see unless he is moving very fast then there is a moment of the cloak to shimmer mid jump and stuff like that.

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I understand what you are talking about.

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