How to buff predator

As of 2.03, the fireteam have more dynamic perks and the scout and recon are as effective as the assault and support. This should not change.

However, many predators are having a rough time. Here are a few ways the predator could be improved, without hurting the versatility of the fireteam.

  • increase the base number of med kits by 1, for 3 base and 5 with large pouch.
  • make bear traps cloak sound quieter
  • increase base health of biomask by 50%
  • increase the stamina reserve of samurai and berserker by 10%
  • Increase the interval between clicking while cloaked

Fireteam Weapon changes:

  • SAWZ-50 long range damage reduced 25%
  • 7EN long range damage reduced 10%



Give Pred a jetpack


Doesn’t need a change on PS4, can’t speak for PC. Why would the Zen change be less, it says it does more damage? Haven’t played with them much since they hit level 10.


They already buffed this and it is unnecessary.

Oh boy more healing in Healing Grounds.

Objectives take 5 mins how do you go through 5 healthkits before the match is over?

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No more med kits for the predator. They already got a buff there.

If you make the bear traps quitter decrease the damn RANGE! Now you want people not even being able to hear them with the insane range they got? If nothing is happening in the area is not hard to hear them, now start shooting and it get’s complicated as it is.

The mask does not need more health, it needs better protection from sniper shoots but not overall more health.

The stamina on berserker is legit I think, not sure on the samurai, the samurai is not as bad as the berserker for the most part.

Sniper rifle nerf would effect PS players really badly. Like you can just delete them from the game. No idea how to balance this. Perhaps make it so that it only effects PC players? No idea, really. Also 25% is flat out to much damage nerf.

I would add to reduce the long range damage of the magnum as well. Right now that thing’s a mini sniper that’s great at any range.

Magnus is fine, its the only secondary weapon that is worth using aside for the SMGs who are meta. Its also the only combination FT can go if they want to use something for close range combat as main (like the plasma gun or the LMG) and then something to compensate at long range.

I’m only talking about long range damage like 80 to +100m. It would help with the PC rooftop/low graphic “death squads” while having minimal effect on PS4 players, as most of us aren’t landing shots regularly past 80m.

The SAWZ50 does 235 base damage and the 7EN does about 122 base damage.

Large pouch got a buff, but I still think 1 extra health kit for those that don’t want to use large pouch would make other perks more enticing and viable.

They’re easy to destroy. If they were quieter, it might make at least one fireteam player have to bring sixth sense rather than Yautja’s bane, thick skin, or double time.

The stat bars should reflect that. Thank you for the info, like I said haven’t used them much.

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I think 4 stims is enough for pred tbh

I believe to balance the game stealth needs to be improved. Drastically more quiet footsteps, less clicking and hooten, drastically more silent tree traverse ( Especially climbing ). Cloak needs to be damn near invisible when crouch walking.

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thats what you call a baby pred lmao, just send them back to early may when one dude could 1v1 a bersekers with a combistick

i feel like the bigger the pred the louder it should be, for example scout would be the quietest while zerk is the loudest

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let me explain to this entire thread, we really don’t need any more buffs besides removing the shadow nerf on the combistick. Yall tryna be wannabe tanks when yall should know you should be in the trees while fighting, it makes you harder to hit and make sure they are out in the open, also learn reinforcement spawns to stop them from coming back. now you have a 1v4 where you can constantly harass them and make them waste their heals before you go in for the strike, if you do make sure to have the element of suprise because you will get lit up if you don’t

can i ste- borrow your meme?

I forgot. Yes. The predator really does click too often. However, if the footsteps get any quieter there won’t be much use for the audio decoys.

i use that to my advantage, make them paranoid

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No. I think the Combistick throw was definitely doing too much damage. I still use it, and I don’t feel bad anymore about it.

This would be good.