How to fix the game

Xan, you dont put in enough time or test things out enough to understand what I’m talking about.
I cant type up anymore right Now, no time.

But right now the games balance is fucked.

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No it wont.


Or how about this…

Illfonic actually balances the game like it should be

Why don’t you stop solo queing then.

Seriously your response to fire is to only play privates with friend sand then ban anything good (so yay we only get half the game. In a game with a content drought that’s definitely a good thing) while your also saying “balance around me” so I can solo que.

What are you even saying here.

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No FT will just have to

Why don’t you

I wouldn’t. I’d be happy.

Ah yes. A pro league player versus a 5 year old would have a 100% win rate. That means the game is unbalanced.

Again, just

Why would this matter at all?

It is possible to to balance in a way where it’s fair for all ranks. Just look at siege (or at least old siege)

Yes it does.


Literally the only thing we can give randoms (aside from a good tutorial) is well implemented aim assist which I’d assume would be easier for Illfonic to do as after that there isn’t an excuse for we balance around the worst players because they are the majority

Hell they could add some smart guns from CM style tech if that’s gonna be the great equalizer so we can stop with the absurdity that is balancing around the bottom of the barrel


Can we give PS4 players COD aim assist so people stop trying to justify 1v1ing the pred in a 4v1 game? @IllFonic

It would be like loading up Evolve and going “yeah well assault needs double the damage for his autoaim laser because my teammates can’t hit a barn door.” And proceeding to balance the game around people hitting 15% of their shots.

Difference is Evolve wasn’t clunky as hell and had console aim assist that allowed them to hit a leaping, dashing, climbing monster which should be standard so games can be balanced properly across platforms.

Obviously if I can sprint around console players faster than they can turn and punish for it there’s going to be a huge difference in PC and PS4 FT gameplay. There’s a considerable amount of verticality in this game too and controllers struggle immensely with things that aren’t at head level. Give them distance-based snap aim like any other shooter when ADSing at a pred not in full invis. Can’t treat it like DBD where survivors just turn corners, vault windows, and occasionally look down.


Illfonic decides what the balance should be like, not you or me. It looks like they agree with me on the balance.

Why don’t I solo que? Why don’t predators that keep crying stop hitting that solo que, grab a few friends and make whatever rules they want in custom game? From the looks of things, predators are the ones who want to keep hitting that solo que but they just want to win everything! Good predators around here have a 80%+ win rate in quick play.
People like you or Fire if you would actually want a game to be balanced you would ask for a proper matchmaking with this balance changes. But no, its fine by you if you stomp 100 games and then in that 1 where there is a proper premade you have better changes of winning.

I am not the one demanding buffs to the predator and nerfs to the FT, If anyone needs to “GIT GUD” as in your pictures its you.

People complaining melee is worthless I have only one thing to say to them and its a quote from your own post “GIT GUD”!

No, actually that would not change much. You need proper matchmaking. I’ve seen countless PS4 players who actually did good damage to the predator and also used parry, made tactical decisions and so on.

There is a reason why ilfonic is ballancing the way they do. One side has no need to account for potatoes. Look at it this way. Its better to have serious issues when faced with a PC death squad then sitting 30 minutes in que.

Illfonic are fucking muppets when it comes to balancing, youve seen there streams they can barely play ft, let alone Predator, granite idk if the rest of team is that bad, but if there trying to promote there game on twitch and have people who play that bad, thats a red flag right there. This is a PREDATOR game you should feel like a Predator rn your a fucking neutered youngblood. We have less tech than ft, all basically useless melee weapons besides a select few, only 3 usefull classes (Hunter, Scout, Alpha, the others work but only in rare circumstances) and we run around like we ate too much boar half the time.

Because that’s not balance. Especially if any SBMM is introduced. Not to mention it cuts the content that they’re able to use (as previously mentioned) in a content thin game.

You still don’t understand.

I don’t care about win rate I care about balance. I’d happily go from an 80% win rate against bad player to a 50% win rate against good players as long as they can get the game balanced.

I do

Your argument on balance is to balance it around bad players. I.E giving FT an advantage over Pred…


Not to mention asking for balance changes is a sign of being bad, is a really bad argument. Imagine if there was a FT gear Option that insta killed the Pred that just took affect when activated. So R1, I win. Nope can’t complain otherwise your bad. Learn to work around the literal insta kill button.

You literally admitted that melee doesn’t work against death squads.

But no it’s fine because a bunch of players who’d get rejected to play in Copper 5 stacks from siege can get destroyed by it.

That’s not balance.

There is plenty that can be done that isnt just pure damage nerfing. However, the truth is, no matter how much we complain on here, illfonic as a company does not give a flying flamingo fuck about balance.

Its a shame too because in personal interactions with illfonics devs, I get the sense that they do really fucking care, but the boot on their throat leaves them little room to do much else.

But thats just my jaded point of view, having been here from the start.

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Yeah and imagine how much more damage they’d get with proper shooter controls where the average person could pick this up and it handle like COD instead of molasses, and get consistent damage on the level of the average KBM player. Like Warzone. If you plug in a controller you see why potatoes are potatoes the average person cannot follow pred with a controller its not a learning curve, its just bad controls compared to every other shooter with aim assist - especially combined with how fast the pred is moving. And the deadzone settings create some kind of awful input lag.
This game is one of the clunkiest peices of shit with controller inputs, give it a try and then compare it to literally any other FPS that isn’t Hunt Showdown (where crossplay players also complain about how off the ported controls & aiming are).

Why do you think players on console can hit a leaping monster on Evolve but can’t hit a leaping predator here? Illfonic dgaf about porting controls to equalize aiming in a crossplay game. Remove the aim smoothing and assist from Warzone and you’d see why it would have no players and everyone with crossplay off.

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Which one?
You say they dont care then say they do.

Going from everything we see from them, I really think they dont.
At this point I really dont even know how things can get fixed now, or how the game can be made good now.

Eshtion So what exactly is balance? If a predator has equal chances to win against PC death squads but against randoms he is invincible, that would be balanced? Knowing that you que with anything but a full premade there is no point? Let’s say this is balance, do you understand that this balance is going to kill the game? I think balance should be decided by devs based on longs that show win / loss rating for both sides! If predators have 90% win rate, its a serious issue and its irrelevant why that ration is there (random number btw, no idea what the logs show).

You can not balance this game against 4 man premades and randoms, its IMPOSSIBLE! Even if 4 pro players would meet on the same team by random and they still can’t perform as well as a premade of 4 pro players because those in premade can set up gear/talents/weapons before the game even starts!

The best thing you can do is form a COMPROMISE between premades and randoms and that is what the devs seem to be doing. If predators have 50% win rate when hitting quick play, its good enough. If someone would lose 99% of his games, so you can have balance against PC death squads, that someone would stop playing! Nobody enjoys losing game after game.

You also seem to not be able to understand that I can’t get good for other people. I am thrown into a random team and yes, the balance should take into account for the potatoes that end up in those teams. This is not 4v4 where both sides have a random chance of getting potatoes. How hard is that to understand? Predators don’t have to put up with bad players ending up on his team and him having to carry the game and thus the balance should take into account for this.

Melee works against PC death squads in different scenarios but its limited. That does not mean or has anything to do with what kills the most of this game. If you remove melee from predators the win rate for predators are going to go into the gutter…

Finessology I don’t game on PS4 aside for some exclusives but seeing the PS tournament its obvious you CAN get good with a controller that you don’t really need aim assist. You also have to take into account how much does that aim assist helps you… It could very well end up doing far more then an equal person with a mouse can. This has happened in Fortnite. Also PS4 people can buy a MK combo (I got one for my PS4), why don’t they? Its available.

@Xan84. Use @. Or just directly reply. I came across your post by complete accident.

Balance is both side being equal at the highest level. Why the highest level? Because the highest level will exploit the mechanics as much as possible meaning that is the upmost potential of both sides. Meaning that if you lost, it’s entirely your fault because you weren’t good enough. Balancing this way means there are no favorites in balance.

Now that being said you can’t ignore lower levels. You do have to compromise with both high and low levels. It’s difficult but it’s Illfonic’s job. But higher levels do take priority.

He’s not invincible. FT just isn’t good enough to kill him. Also that’s why you implement SBMM. SBMM is very important. Can’t have a good multiplayer game without it. Even if it’s just an option for matchmaking like the old Halo games.

Pre-mades are also killing the game for players. Also again. SBMM.

And look where it got us. Preds who are too good winning against 80% of FT and getting bored of a lack of challenge, and then the 20% who destroy preds anyways and is completely unfair.

Yet siege did it. And that’s in consideration of both pro’s and randoms.

Again a problem that siege has and they do just fine. (Or at least did when I played. IDK about now)

That either doesn’t balance the game or it’s my idea.

No it doesn’t because that doesn’t mean the game is balanced. With SBMM maybe. But definitely not now. Especially with players being bored 80% of the time and frustrated 20% of the time.

And a lot of people don’t enjoy brainless victories or complete unfair wipes either. Also SBMM.

No it’s easy to understand. You want to make the FT OP so you can carry bad FT members. Instead of SBMM so you won’t get bad FT members in the first place. Is also not balanced.


For the potato preds maybe.

You allergic to @? :P

Yes, I am allergic to @. What can I say, nobody is perfect :)

Well if that is your way of achieving balance I am so damn glad you’re not a developer in this game or you would KILL IT! If people win 50% of the time peopel are generally happy, if you make it so people lose 99% of the time is shit!

No, its impossible to balance for both parties, its impossible! You balance around what is going to keep the majority hitting that que.

I will explain it simple, iIf a FT can barely win against the predator in a 4 man premade where they can choose talents, guns, perks, gear, whatever and they also have external coms, the same exact people missing all of this will NEVER beat the same predator if they don’t premade before the fact with voice chat and setting up classes before the game starts. Its impossible.
Its simple logic! This game has things that compliment one another. If you have 2 field medics and none is a massive difference (as an example).

Now don’t compare this to other games, more so with games that are not even close like this one (siege).

SBMM is going to ensure that good predators will never get a que pop, don’t mind it since I am not a good predator.

Premades are not killing the game, LOL? Are we even playing the same game? Predator que right now is something that takes 16 minutes (so 1 guy said the day before). The FT que is below 1:30 :) This game has no issue with predator players, FT players are the problem, this game needs a LOT MORE FT players and you want to nerf the hell out of those people who would keep it alive(yes, those randoms, potatoes keep the que down).

I don’t see whats unfair, in this game when you hit quick play, if you’re good enough you’re going to win a lot no matter what side you pick. Looks good to me man.

Now I don’t want to make FT anything. I am not asking for buffs or nerfs. The predators are asking for buffs and I am telling them its fine as it is and if they buff the predator any more its going to kill the que. When they buffed cloak as predators keep complaining about it, they had to instantly give quite a nice buff to FT, oh I wonder why…

If they remove melee the game is going to tank win rates for most predators, PS4 players by far because they use melee so much.

Add a variant to hunt where FT start off seperated


No I’d implement SBMM so people don’t die 99% of the time because if that’s happening what’s wrong with your games matchmaking.

But I just gave you an exampe that worked. Siege. And I know you said don’t compare it but it’s proof it’s possible. And if we’re only looking at games that are similar.

Then there’s nothing. Your just assuming it won’t work. So let’s try on this one.

Then why is that FT going against that same Pred. If a Pred is that good they should only be facing FT that can compete with him.

Yes. In fact the que times are inductive of a larger problem. There’s nothing really unique about this game. Playing Pred is just a novelty. The game has nothing like killers from DBD that drastically change the game with each variation for either side. Fix that and people will have a reason to play FT.

Right now if you win it’s because you played against a bunch of 5 year olds. If you lose its because the game is stacked against you. How is either of those scenarios fair?

Because they’re potatoes that need to git gud. Ranged is a hundred times better than melee.

Yes, you implement SBMM when this devs don’t even have the resources for it or the skill for it. Then you kill the que for top players. This game does not have the player base to support it.

Siege is not evidence that this can be done in this game. Having a premade group is to great of an advantage. Its imposible to beat the same predator in a random if you can barely do so in a premade. Top predators would never lose unless its a premade.

This game is about the predators, the fanbase on this site for the most part are predator fans, they want to play as the predator no matter what.

Nah… Right now you can win against 2 good players + 2 potatoes. That is why I said the potatoes are part of the balance. Usually you have 1-2 good FT per team. This translate into good fights if the predator is not a potato or one of the best predators around.

Are you on PS? You try to with a controller to outgun as the predator 1-2 FT players with M&K :) Its not just about getting good. Its far, far harder on a controller to shoot then to melee.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but league of legends literally balances around the solo player and the esports and effectively balances around low tier play bronze/gold and high tier plat/Challenge

It can be done saying it’s impossible is a fallacy unless your saying the devs are not talented enough to do so


You talk about how you can’t balance around the best players but try to use the PS tournament as the average skill level for someone using a controller lol.
There it is, your actual complaint with aim assist. The fact that it shortens the immense gap between mouse and someone trying to shoot at a pred overhead with a controller. You complain about half the team not being able to hit pred and consider it “part of the balance” because you’re too proud to see those pub players get some level of snap aiming so they can actually deal some damage so we can actually balance the game around MAJORITY OF THE PLAYERBASE BEING ABLE TO HIT THE PRED. Which is my bottom line.
It’s a matter of how accessible you want your title. Boo hoo mouse doesnt look as godly welcome to crossplay games that give a damn about one input device curbstomping the other and attempt to make the effort to shorten that gap, which makes the game more accessible on consoles. No console pred wants to load in and get rolled by two people headshotting his mask off with a mouse, the experience isn’t even remotely similar to a couple standing bodyshots they might recieve from a console match, same for FT getting headshot with bow.

If you shorten the gap so one platform isn’t expected to underperform compared to another you can BETTER BALANCE THE GAME BY SHORTENING THE GAP BETWEEN INPUT DEVICES MAKING GAMEPLAY MORE CONSISTENT ACROSS THE BOARD. Period. What is hard to understand here? Even the suits at every major company seem to get it.
This has been the norm for awhile.

I don’t blame console players for disabling crossplay at all. Mouse are accurate and you want the game balanced around NO ACCURACY WHERE YOU CAN JUST CARRY THE OTHER TWO DEADWEIGHT PS PLAYERS instead of providing the average console players with the tools to compete rather than calling them potatoes and watching them disable their crossplay. You are gatekeeping better controls for the players you complain about and deserve every potato you get.

People missing 80% of their shots is not part of the balance. KBM isn’t native to console games, nor is telling people who play on their couch (huge portion of console playerbase) to use KBM a solution. Upping damage assuming the majority PS4 playerbase misses everything is the laziest bandaid fix that just breaks the game at other levels of play. Makes about as much sense as balancing console overwatch around mouse and keyboard and the devs saying “games fine just buy a mouse and keyboard lol.” Console play assumes controller use, console shooters are not made with mouses in mind because mouse > controller unless you get RDR, Warzone and Halo levels of aim assist, which scares mouse users away as it makes controllers more accessible as an input device and people that tend to scoff at crossplay players don’t actually like dealing with things that even the playing field because they lose their flat advantage master race etc etc.

You know what kills FT queue? People that played the beta FT with controller and immediately uninstalled because most people do not enjoy shit controls and have expectations of modern console shooters.
Shit controls are not a learning curve.
Assuming 2 people just strafe around randomly hotmicing with their fan blowing in the background and less than 300 dmg to predator as the norm isn’t balanced.