how to play crossplay by invites

i am try to play with my pc friends but am on ps4 how do i join them


Experiencing same issue for me and my friends.

i even have my epic account connect to ps4 account and nothing just keeps showing my epic account on his list but i get no invite. i swear if this don’t work am return it. i only buy to play with my friends.

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I am also having this problem of not being able to invite PC friends from PS4 since it keeps only showing the PS4 friend invites only.

They don’t even have the same kind of invites at all since PC is only inviting Epic game friends while PS4 invites PS4 only friends(not the epic games friends)

I have a sneaky suspicion you will need to link an Epic Games account to even benefit from it. The fact that this is not shown in-game is weird.

I tried this out with my bro since I bought it for PC and he bought it for PS4. on the PC side of the game, it only shows Epic game friends that I could be able to invite. But for my bro, it didn’t even show anything to link the epic game account to the game and it keeps showing his PS4 friends list instead of the epic game friend list. Please fix this somehow Dev’s.

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The promise of Crossplay is what makes the idea so fun playing with friends who are usually on a different platform. I hope it’s not like the Beta where crossplay is VS only or random if you find a PC player

mines already linked and still nothing

I’ve been able to cross play with psn friends once tonight. I’m on PC. Since then, nada.

how did you do it.

How did you crossplay with them?

They sent invite to me. They were already on my epic friend’s list. I accepted the invite by selecting their name then accept invite.

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how did you get ps4 friends on epic or other way around

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I’m sorry but this game is beyond bad. In a age of gaming like this and you guys can make a better predator game? Please work on making this more playable. Pleaaaase

Adding them via epic app on PC. My accounts are linked via the website.

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i figure it out

You have to link you Epic account to your PS4 Account!!

do they show up as a different name or same as the epic name

Also having issues with the crossplay. Both my buddy and I have our Epic and PSN accounts linked, we’re on each others friend list on both and still not joy.

Yeah same, both linked with epic on ps4 and pc but not getting invites. Ps4 cant even invite or see their epic friends list. Its a joke this game is built on lies and more lies.