How to release Jungle Hunter without releasing Jungle Hunter

Here’s a way to do it while going around the pre-order exclusivity.

Release the ‘Classic Predator’ from ‘Predators’ as a reward class. The one with the broken mask.

Looks pretty much identical to Jungle Hunter except for the damaged mask, then just swap out for the unlocked Jungle Hunter mask.


Ah shit , here we go again

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Lol… they’ll never give up. Persistent lil shits they are

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Exactly XD

Release the mask but given how close the two look I doubt it. I actually asked them and while nothing is off the table (I have my doubts) they can’t say if they’d ever do it.

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Y’all are a persistent bunch

Also add xenomorphs and Fortnite characters to the game, right?

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Shaping would be different but I think the biggest hindrance is that he looks so close. Though you could probably get the Fortnite version.

A banana can kill the Pred in fortnite :)))

Yay another clone character with the main difference being he’s a little scratched up.

Now just do this but with the already in game elder and boom problem solved.


Similar but we could always get viper given he is also the ambush Predator meaning we could have a class based around cloaking. So a hardcore stealth class with dual wrist blades.

…it can in PHG too? I think I’m missing your point



what in the wording “pre order exclusive” you do not understand? (i have him by the way. Mad?)

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But imagine if we got that predator before we got Mr. Black…. But also imagine if we got Viking and samurai dress up predators before mr black… or an American football player before we got mr black… lol could you even imagine

It never ends.


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