You tell them chick 👍🏻


Did Illfonic shut down the servers??
Public match, Pred rage quit, got the prompt “you got kicked, host left the match”.
Also, as FT, matchmaking is taking waaaaay longer. Like 2 minutes plus.

Chopper is absolute dogwater against SAW-Z
In my opininon Scar is the best of the 3

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Idk, Celtic seems like a better choice. He has extreme Energy (similar to old Bionic) and feels like how Berserker should have been🤷🏻

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Ei Sam! Faça alguma coisa! K k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k
Carece de personagens Fireteam !
Ei Sam ! Faça alguma coisa! Hahahahhahahahah

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What is the new update ?
Hotfix ?
Nothing new about spec for new preds

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hey guys, @ScOp_StUrMi just murdered @Rockx8390 with chopper

it was funny to listen to over party chat


Just 2 full charged plasma lol
And, he was Scar. Not Chopper

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Post hot fix;

  • Celtic still possess the wrong bio with it being Wolf’s.

  • All three are missing dreadlocks making this collectively five Predators that have had this error. I’m still waiting on Emissary.

  • the gun animation rig appears to be Jungle Hunter’s causing the gun to fall right in front of the Predator’s face. Scar’s sits folded up on his back. This has been in the files since City Hunter, why was this changed?

  • all three and especially Scar currently do not use the head seen in the promo render and the store image. This would make it the second movie Predator with the wrong head but at least Emissary wasn’t advertised with that.

  • all three lack a movie skin and while I can forgive Emissary to a degree given they didn’t make it into the final film, all three of them did. They’d been a common request since launch. Why did they release without them?

  • amusingly the boot knife was left out which is fine as historically it’s not usable in games typically. But then again it’s bolted to Celtic’s leg. Not even static?

  • the shuriken has been in the game since City Hunter. Of all the times to release it the weapon features in both AVP movies and The Predator. What’s the hold up for at least a weapon skin?

@illfonic… you… are… 💩


Seriously that is good and all. But when are we gonna get some more fireteam related dlc? A new USEFUL gun? A new class? New perks? New equipment? Fucking anything. I like to play both ft and predator but there is like nothing new for ft for awhile. So it’s boring to play.

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Doesn’t fix the problem but they added 3 other masks…ill be back once there’s some new gear, weapons, game mode, new mode, or tracker. Would all the above but at least one…shit
Back to fallout

Predators are an easier get since they largely don’t have to record new lines for them. They’re also largely what was asked for because as of current date the only movie Predators not to be included are Tracker, Fugitive, Assassin (size constraints likely being the reason), and Feral.

However every film in the series currently has a representative barring Prey (counting Emissary since it’s at least supposed to have been in 4).

If they do any more updates assuming Tank isn’t a new character, I’d actually like QOL updates at this point. New game modes and weapons. Like seriously, we should get Predator A.I and the dogs.

QOL changes should have been done years ago, you’ll never see them at this point. The only reason they do preds only is because they’re what brings in the money. No one aside from a few people will give a shit for a new FT class especially if they’re not nearly as good as Dante. The only ones that would garner any real attention would be Harrigan or Machete but Donald Glover ain’t gonna touch this shit show.

For FT, I think Royce is a great choice. For the Preds, only the Feral is really missing so that each film has its Boss.
Afterwards, new weapons and equipment would be needed.
And fix bugs.
And rebalance the meta for Shitty Fanatic Assaults and Bolt Action Rifles


bro please let this be the last predator dlc give human content please give new gamemodes like the 15 player onces we are waiting for 3 years now almost

U tasted good either way

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look closer… it there but seriously faded in… it’s also off center…

I dont think so… With the three Artic Clan brothers out now… I will bet we get the Artic Temple map… in 2028…