I believe this interests players and developers

Hey illfonic, how about you guys launch a ranked system to separate the good guys from the best? Cross play disabled in the first positions and enabled in the last ? along with that an exclusive ranked trophies system, trophies with the names of soldiers or predators killed in ranked matches ? You’ll be able to add a team mode as well ex 3 vs 10, a ranking system and a cooperative mission of predators with predators, and soldiers with soldiers… I don’t know, I think it would be very interesting since this game is going down a path very competitive.


Been suggested, retracted and suggested again. It definately has appeal to it. So far i don’t think I’ve heard of an official statement for or against it from illfonic. Would be nice to know what they think about it

might work if the had a casul and ranked mode


Games gotta work first. Bugs out of control.


They do have a casual mode

It’s called quick play

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No ranked and no more useless game modes like clash, please.

Predator: Hunting Grounds is all about the hunt and hunt is not suited for a ranked mode.

Ranked mode is often badly implemented. It splits playerbase and promotes cheating significantly. We already have some Epic players who use exploits, filters and macros to gain an advantage.
Furthermore, it’s unfair if there are no separate ranked modes for premades and random team-ups.

In the end, it’s always nice not clearly knowing before if the match will be a walk in the park or a ride through hell.

Just enjoy the hunt. You never know who you will be up against. Actually, that’s not completely true since in case of a full Epic fireteam, it’s likely that someone will resort to macros and filters. Just leave in the last second and let them play with themselves.

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As long as there’s no possibility to put every player in the same condition there’s absolutely no purpose in activating a ranked system

People that want matches of higher level can just set up private matches.

What does that mean?

Think of chess: it is the competitive game par excellence.

But even serious e-sports competitions are also done publicly and by equipping players with the same software and hardware devices.

You can’t have ranked system when random bugs can decide the course of the match.

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Things don’t have to be the same I’m order to be balanced

As long as two maps are equally balanced they both can be used simultaneously in a ranked mode

Same with OBJ

As for loadouts, figuring out what is and isn’t a good build, either through practice or looking at the meta, is a skill on its own.

I’m totally down for something like that!!

The only ranked videogame competition I know are the public LAN tournaments.

first thing iffonic should fix is the game. by the way is it too big a game on maps to fix?
So iffonic would take a decade because predator has many maps right?
= pitiful to see the predator locked in buggy trees after months of sales

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Wait so a ranked mode is entirely dead?

Let’s just ignore Siege and Overwatch and CSGO and even DBD which all have ranked modes that are done online

ranked in this game is bad idea for these reasons

1)the game is unbalanced (squads can destroy 99% of preds no matter what )
2)this game have low number of active players (waiting times for 2 different modes will skyrocket )
3) with crossplay disabled you just fucked pc players

yeah no purpose in that

I mean: if I want to compete, I compete for money. And for that you need a public lan tournament (no cheating, no exploits, just pure sport)

There’s no purpose for games in general

You need to practice and prove yourself first

And what about people not good enough?

Do they just not to be competitive?

I guess only the top 1% get the right of having a competitive match

It’s impossibile to have proper competition if you can’t check the partecipants