I can't login can anyone help

It’s says user login failure verify Internet connectivity

Have you tried verifying your internet connection?

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Are you on pc or console?

Mine says… Backend login failure! Verify internet connectivity. Internet works fine. These are all scams and hacks from those cheaters that were never tracked down.

Neither can all of us. Samhain, Beer, it’s closed for everyone. They either plan to do some DLC bs or they are maybe MAYBE doing finally some bugfixes and updates. Or worse, they closed it so they can implement this engine by making PHG 2.

It’s for all of us. We need to be patient. No players can log in at the moment. Nothing to do with cheating.

You are the dumbest mother fucker I’ve ever met, steam is having issues not epic or psn, but even some steam players were still playing for some reason as well

Why are you so salty again? Sam said everybody. You need to practice self control over your alcoholic emotions.

You never met me btw, nobody in this community has ever met me. If you would have met me, you would be forever missing.

I don’t even see this picture as some evidence at all, no playerlist of steam players. It is covering the team, health, gear, etc…

You don’t even know how to take accountability when you misinterprit what other people say and maybe you should start taking notes instead of trying to give them out

there you go fucktard

I take both notes and I also give them out. So I can assure you I have full accountability of stuff I say. Sam told me what I said (except Beer Warior) things, etc…

Steam retаrd

IRL retаrd

It has everything to do with cheating and with Illfonic pretending that cheating is not even possible. Go check their lies. The in-game cheat reporting was supposed to work from day one. It’s still not working yet. Their lies are verifiable right on this forum. How much bitch-slapping extreme is mandatory on Illfonic right now when they lie and pretend that DLL injection or cheats were not invented yet ?

Illfonic doesn’t care at all. They abandoned this project. They never banned people because they were lazy. It was other people that were pretending that there are no cheaters. Steam servers are not reason of cheaters in game. It’s illfoni’s horrible maintenance.


Here is update for real reverse UNO card. EPIC retаrd and IRL retаrd, That’s what alcohol does to you.

They should not be allowed to sell it if the project is already abandoned. Make it open source and let other people maintain it and bug fix it. They need to disclose that the project is abandoned when they are trying to sell you the game. Where the fuck is that disclosure ?