I found the solution to Parry

Don’t melee and do something else :D



Finally someone who gets it!


Don’t spam melee. Do chip damage. Hit run cloak repeat. Mobility, Youngblood, is one of the Predator’s best weapons. Also you have to use melee in conjunction with ALL other weapons to be truly effective.

Ive taken it upon myself to bring in a motivational speaker that all youngbloods who lack faith in melee should watch. Enjoy. To those who can’t be bothered to watch. You have to throw 7 different kinds of smoke!

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Nah. Netgun works just fine.

word of advice, I use a controller on PC (go ahead bash me) and swiping the tip of the finger across the button instead of tapping it gets me out of the net in a second, ready to parry ;)

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The same can be done by tapping a button if you’re using macros.

or using turbo function, but those things are considered “cheating”

TBH, I don’t care… paddles were considered cheating too until everyone started using them

Naturally the key to never getting parried is never meleeing to begin with. Hence the problem.

Yes a turbo or macro to push the button as fast as possible without doing anything would be cheating. Hope you’re being sarcastic lol.

Everyone should use a turbo or macro and then its fair just balance the game around turbo controllers? Really?

Lolol minecraft player using the old autoclick again

Right atleast dont try to justify using macros lmao. Some people man.

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it had taken your this long to figure that out?

Not like dice or his teammates LOL

I mean the game is been out for almost 3 months

Caster Main here chiming in, welll duhhhhhh the melee in this game is horse shit

Shoot em up point blank with the caster then when they switch back to their gun move in and stab their asses to death lol

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Or just throw the combi


Solution is Net them first

I have no idea what you advised just now but it sounds dubious! I like !

Yes, but as mentioned earlier, many people use macros/turbo functions for their buttons, so they can get out near instantly. Which at least let’s you know whose cheating.

You only know because you use it yourself!!