I have a confession boys...

The Predator is a good movie and Predators is awful. Fight me.


Wtf… predators 2010 wins the predators 2018 by a long shot … stop trolling lol…


Bait but lets just look at the plots here

Predators - Soldiers are dropped onto an alien hunting preserve

The Predator - A predator is running away from a bigger predator to give humanity an iron man suit to stop the predator invasion of earth due to global warming and autism


Not bait, Dudes!

I 100% cannot stand Predators. The Hunting Grounds lore introdiced got me hyped to dive into the books and comics so I decided to re-watch all the movies first (AvP included). Predators is like watching paint dry. It’s like watching Predator but if it was rebooted. No new story beats other than it’s a game preserve and we learn that the Yautja have dogs and drones (falconry). I’ve been flamed for saying it before but Royce is so fucking lame to watch. Just boring and uninspiring. The dialogue was terrible… let’s get a discussion going. Why do you hate The Predator more so AND enjoy Predators? And don’t gimme that “THEY CAME FOR OUT AUTISM” counter point.

Edit: By the way, I’m not trying to start a debate/argument. I genuinely enjoyed The Predator despite it’s MANY flaws.

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Hmm i personally disliked pred 2018 story highly… its even worse than actual predator 2 story… which is just what… why… when… anyways yes i agree predators 2010 feels rushed and it feels as reboot for some people… in general the movie is supposed to represent actual other timelines where predators also come on earth in invisible cloaked ships and brain wash humans and capture them and then drops them from heights in the hunting grounds… i found the pred dogs and other creatures nice touch and also the tech we saw is outstanding… it was actually really satisfying to see the actual full on stealth and much more intense cordination as if their lifes depend on it and surviving on alien planet rather than on earth… the whole atmosphere feels pressured which is the key of actual predator movies… while in predator 2018 they behaved like LMAO an alien pfft… green gray alien boooo so scary… while in pred 2010 it was scary and they were loosing their minds…

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Except autism was a massive plot point to a degree in which Munn states its the next step in human evolution? How are going to hate on Predators dialogue or lack thereof when The Predator was a wannabe Avenger quipfest of HAHA UR MOM IS RATED E FOR EVERYONE? Really?
It was Scary Movie 10 with predator.

Highlight of the film was predator vs predator and that lasted all of two minutes. The rest was big cgi pred stomping around being a generic movie monster + awful humor and the friendly scooby doo lobotomized predator dog that pukes grenades. Come on. Even the writers admitted the movie was shit and had too many reshoots no one knew what they wanted it to be anymore.


Oh and for first time we actually saw bad blood preds hunting and how they function… so in general its not a reboot its actually on the franchise timeline lmao…

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Blockquote How are going to hate on Predators dialogue or lack thereof when The Predator was a wannabe Avenger quipfest of HAHA UR MOM IS RATED E FOR EVERYONE?

Bro… there’s a literal line that says “What time is it? Five o’ clock? Bitch rapin’ time.” Don’t get me wrong I chuckled but it’s so cringe. But I get it. We’re watching a Predator movie and there’s a plot about global climate change and R rated Iron Man at the end.

I’ll admit that suit at the end was very 1990s and not in a good way.

Edit: I suck at formatting posts, especially quotes.

I didn’t know they were bad bloods… I just thought that the crucified Predator committed some crime.

That brings up a good point… is the fugitive considered a bad blood?

Fugitive is a fugitive predator… that is like a criminal… bad blood preds are hunters who dont follow the predator hunting code…

And umm yeah let me ask you… if you were on that bus as they were right…and then u saw the actual predator and U END UP CHASING IT LIKE… WHAT… and why would you send alien tech to your home like why and why would you do that to your self… just run away from the actual space ship crash… like dude u have a son… and a wife… ur gonna risk dying to an alien u deff cant beat alone… and then he risked executioning… or lobotomy… and his wife and son didnt know about it… imagine actually risking that and not thinking of your family… movie has so many plotholes… like dude… uhh i cant… i liked the effects and like alien tech in movie shown… the movie felt rush but i agree not as rushed as predators 2010… BUT it was however fairly close… like preds 2010 had rushed story by 5% more than preds 2018

If what The Predator was trying to do with the lore is to be taken as seriously as it tried to do, Fugitive would be decreed by whoever ran the law in that situation to be a Bad Blood, and Ultimate to be a sort of cleaner for that situation.

Thats on par with sexual tyrannosaurus imo. Not a bunch of scientist sitting in a lab quipping about a 8ft alien calling it a bassfisherman because haha funny get it we’re avengers now! Then the guy tells her to go chase it and shes like “Not my alien!” then shoots herself in the foot because haha physical humor. Its just all bad, seriously. Neverending list.

If the characters can’t take the situation seriously then how can the audience? The entire movie comes across as satire probably because it is but you’re the only one who’s like “wow this movie really respected the canon and didnt shit all over it with iron man suits, autism harvesting and le funny comic relief predator doggos!”

No, Man, listen I totally agree. It’s like eating fast food. Shitty, uninspiring. and not to best quality but after not eating a greasy burger and fries for YEARS… it’s gonna taste good. As bad as the movie is I think it repected a lot of the cannon and moved the story forward. It wasn’t a COMPLETE catastrophe like let’s say… Disney Star Wars. Are ANY of the Predator movies masterpieces after the original? No. But I’ll be damned if it isn’t tasty fast food.


The Predator is a bad flick not only because of what it does to the lore. The characters, the pacing, the fact that the third act was bastardized from what it was going to be and hastily re shot, the movie just screams wasted potential. It’s come to the point where this game and multiple comics are playing clean up to the movie’s events. Illfonic even said that they’re practically going with this ignoring The Predator Killer Armor shown in the ending. Because that was awful.

Yeah i see i respect your opinion ngl… lmao everyone has their own likes … but yeah i see now why you dont like it and its not a troll xD…

I in particular did not like the story only… like literally story … I liked the tech, fugitive pred and all… but damn im not a fan of movies that make the scfi actual killing scenes made fun… or like… idk im not a fan of directors making fun of whole death and life situation xD…

its like OH SHIT sun is exploding HAHAHAHA LETS GOO woooh ima go drink to that bruh and shit…

Its really evidence that the guy who directed The Room could make a predator movie and people would eat that shit up just because it has predator in it.
People still paid to watch Transformers 5 so I guess someone somewhere will always watch something and be like “yeah those flashing lights and jokes were awesome”

Haven’t seen either in a while… I think the cgi wasn’t as much of an eye sore in predators. Neither movie was particularly good but has decent predator action. Overall they’re about the same to me.

It’s like someone said what would make the predator better look I know politics

Hang on…

Like there are actually people who rate the predator as a good ( not even half decent but GOOD ??? ) movie?

I refuse to believe anyone enjoyed that fucking garbage 🧐