I have a new purpose in this game now... Fantasma


Hey Hey!! Fantasma_prostituta! Good to see your perspective of the game! Very well done! Using a glitch to exploit the map, hide underground and kill the other player that has 0 chances of fighting back… was not that easy with me few days ago, remember? Ripped your head out 2 mins in to the game, not so elite when there are no glitches to exploit, heh? Dude you were not even trying to use any sort of tactics or cooperate with your team. I’m looking out for you in the jungle pal…

Remember me…? Noktrum666 is out hunting you

EDIT: I will make a commitment now - each time I will come across Fantasma_prostituta I will record the game and upload it to my Youtube and this thread… grabbing my bow and going out hunting right now…


Holy shit thats some fucking cheating right there, I hope ever Predator ripps his skull out


He HATES me … lol before they removed the prior glitch spots he did the same trash but I always found a way to kill him at his campsites.


Lmao hello there @Noktrum.
Thought you quit the forums?


Why engage people that do this?

I cloak in a corner and play games on my phone for 15 minutes. If you stop humoring them they quit.


I have Fire but a recent post about grieving money to devs for them to speak to us kind of dug me out… XD

I had a random on my team do that the other day on Excavation. I was dead already and had to just watch it go down. I was embarrassed to see that. Is this Fantasma on Pc or ps4?

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I’m confused. This dude is in PS… If I remember correctly the “old mental health problems” dude “fantasma_jungla” plays on PC

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Lmao I see.
Welcome back.

Dear Noktrum,
You’re no longer allowed to play pred.


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Good tacticks, but I now have a goal of makeing his life a nightmare XDD

True, he is actually on both, I have palyed with him on both platformas already, his nick is the same, and the spanish/english abuse is also the same XDDDD

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Footage above is from PS4 but he is on both platforms

Well that is fine, quz for the past 2 months I’ve been playing 50-50 pred and FT ;-) I love both now and I think game is better balance wise than before Dante

EDIT : I hate you dev!

Hell no the balance Is shit lol.
And dont lie you know you love dev.
Like they hat-love you too.

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I’m not saying balance is good, but its better than it was. We will see if with Isabell it will improve or go downhill

Feild medic, the ability to single handedly 1 clip kill a pred, half a clip sometimes,

I dont see any balance lol.

But that aside it’s nice seeing you here after a while lmao.

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Thanks! I don’t think I will be very active though… unles some one will offer money to devs in exchange for few words… then I will be very active XDDDDD

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If you want you can pay me and il pretend to be illfonic.

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Over my scout dead body ;-P


Why not I think I can pull it off.

Dear Players.
We hate all of you and this franchise that’s why we dont fix anything.
We only created this game to ruin predator for long time fans.

Get fucked nerd.

Did I do good?