I need a consensus on this please :-)

Bear traps at the reinforcement spawn so people spawn in trapped.

Douche bag move or elite tactic?

It bugs tf out of me but IDK, what do ya’ll think?


No one’s owed a reinforce


The real move is to hold the last player hostage until they turn their mic on


I learned that trick from Samhain, and I do it everytime when I’m using a class that carries it. What’s douchy is what I personally do, is when I’m Cleo or Elder, I plasma spam the hell out of them. Especially when there’s a bot or two in there, I’m not going anywhere near them.

I wasn’t trying to imply that at all.

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It’s 100% a cheap move by the Predator. I don’t agree with it at all.

There should be a radius around the reinforcement radio for X amount of seconds that you can’t place traps once the reinforcement radio goes live.

Either that or spawn points for the reinforcement team be made at sporadic locations throughout the map and not have them spawn at the radio.

Well think about it
The reinforce is a free uno reverse card where the entire team can come back with no penalties
Where as the pred has less resources and less time
So setting traps can possibly secure 1 kill and it’s a huge if


The same can be said about reinforcements


the same IS said about bots, and the ability to take over one and come back. FT gets essentially 2-3 revives, Pred gets none. How is that fair?


I ain’t sure

But why? Why should the pred not be allowed to set up traps at a vital area? Because the people coming back with 100% of all their gear may get caught? Oh well tough, they have teammates to cover them.

It’s the responsibility of the last man standing to clear them up since the pred can either drop them or go after the LMS.

Let’s flip the script here, should the FT be allowed to use gear on a pred should they go into SW? That means no UAV, or frags because it’s cheap to go after a player who can’t defend themselves.


Damn really put his argument into the ground

Elite tactic. No mercy. A good team will hear them anyway.

Do what you gotta do

At that point, I can’t put Traps anywhere near Fireteam Objectives. If they can’t get rid of me then, why shouldn’t I kill them before or after the Reinforcement? If anything it’s still a second chance lmao.

How does that help you when you spawn into a trap. You don’t have control over where you pop into existence. Seems like exploiting an unfortunate game mechanic.

Easy fix would be to have reinforcement spawn at original infil point, not right beside the radio.


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Well that should have been the case since day 1

What I think @Slut_Master_X and @REYNOSO_FUA11 means is the LMS should hear them and destroy them (you can shoot them out the air)


That’s what I said :(

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Above master said “a good team will hear them” I was commenting on that

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I have been doing this ever since I started playing as Predator I think.

I would use it to guarantee 1 kill fast, cus sometimes letting them reinforce can backfire, maybe they had a 3 minute mission that is almost done or whatever. Even if I downed multiple players at the radio I would let them revive others to extend the match.

But sometimes I dont use them at all if I dont feel its necessary and I want to practice bow shots on moving targets.

Its fine cus its the last guy problem to prevent that and bring the others back. Having all players be brought back with everything Full puts the Predator in a big disadvantage. Many matches are decided and ended in the fight at the radio.

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