IF we only got jungle maps how can....

Lets say we never get a city map, ice map, or anything other than jungle. How can that be interesting?

Predators reserve jungle?

Bunda Jungle from avp comic?

Any other ideas?

Well, the leaked stuff shows what appears to be a much larger jungle map…


I think a jungle with a volcano center would be dope. One that has a OWLF base in the bottom of the lava built from alien metal.

Or one that has a giant Predator ship in the middle so its mostly a ship map in the jungle.

Of the top


The game preserve planet as well as any other jungle planets they can come up with

Other jungles worth noting






I have no problem with jungles whatsoever


You can put a lot of things in the jungle, OP. Everyone’s quick to be like grrr jungle map but i’d rather we get more jungle maps than poorly balanced nonsense open areas like the swamp section of Backwater.


Yes that is a shit show to survive in as hunter or FT

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I feel the current mechanics dont favor any other style of map over jungle.

I do like the idea of a volcano tho. I would like to see a jungle map that has alot of pyramid and underground areas tho


Different types of forest. There are many on earth with ice and snow.


A primarily cave based map.

A psuedo-city thats a jungle filled to the brim with Stargazer housing and buildings.

Give us 4 if those basic types of maps and you got 8 maps.


The predator from the comic predator cold war would be interesting. Also to be a basic military unit with no knowledge of predators. Maybe some parts of the ice map dim body heat naturally and offer places to hide like thick brush, debris or busted tanks.



How about a thick Louisiana swamp with gators instead of boars?


how about meet half way how about slap the thing you want into the jungle and say its a jungle map. like take the LA and chop it up to just the parts you want then slap it intoo the jungle. sure its messy but FUCK IT! just map something happen

All they have to do is make night maps different missions for quic fix

What a great idea … an ice or snow map … the only one where you can’t hide your thermal footprint, because not a forest behind a fire where the pred’s thermal doesn’t work. Let’s ask for things that are realistic and adapted to the mechanics of the game. On a city map, where do you get muddy? in one of snow where do you get muddy ??? in a desert where you get muddy ??? to maintain game mechanics, the jungle or the forests are the only option. keep in mind that in a city the sound detector would be practically unusable, there are cars and the typical noise of cities


Here’s how I think a desert map could be done. There’s an idea in there about how to use a mechanic to give the missing mudding effect in other places.

You could roll in the snow to cool your body temp!

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i would just argue there are snow storms that breeze through every so often that cover a FT heat signature for a moment to give some balance. Either that or a pickup on such maps that are body temp vest like Fishburne/Roland in Predators

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Thailand would be great too

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Snow angels!!

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