I'll ignore him

Thank you all very much for your reactions. I will completely ignore this man

So do you feel proud of feeding into the drama and giving the people like him attention?

Like this just wont clear things what the real issue here is, its not him or you, or your team friends.

Its the underlying core mechanics in the game.

The reason he is mad is cause now for the most part majority of people know there is no bullet drop and its basically a hit scan for guns rather than bullet projection where it takes time and u can avoid the bullets kinda if u see their path and trail.

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Now for a human behavior ill give u that he kinda stepped out of line if u guys considered him a nice guy

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What in the fuck was the point of this post?
This is the second time you’ve written about someone.

Like literally you might as well just have written a story instead of rambling.


Write me a story!

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@FairYautja is THE most honorable yautja in the PC community.

Any posts regarding him and attempting to smear another forum member (unsolicited and unneeded) will be flagged.

He reported you and you went to a public forum to bitch about it.

You fucking 4 years old?



So tell me what your attitude would be: you play a match with your friends, then the next day you find out that you were reported for cheating and his decision on what he did is a published video. Should I just let this be and ignore videos that get me dirty and my epic account? His actions and behavior towards me?

Well jeez, if I faced cheaters too, I’d be upset as well


I say take it up with him, no one needs another PC drama thread.


Do you not know YouTube?

You are playing a public game on a public forum and he is a known streamer.

Of course he can make videos of his content.

Maybe you could take the proper action of chasing up YouTube? See if there is actual stance you could take about the video?

Instead you are here crying and complaining.

Fair has more hours in this game than most, I’d probably take his word over your complaining blubbering.

Not to mention you aren’t the first to do this.

If yall don’t cheat and you haven’t been cheating, then wtf is your problem then?

If you didn’t cheat he posted a video of you “not cheating?” But you’re still mad?

Makes zero sense to me and sounds like he caught you red handed and others as well.

Issue I see here, if they didn’t cheat, there would be no reason to be defensive. Even to make threads about said ppl.

Would have shrugged it off as another “guy thinks I’m cheating”.

Yet, here we are.


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I just see it as yet another drama thread over which PC player is cheating which will just devolve back in to the same stupid arguments by the same people over who cheats and who and doesn’t and what’s considered cheating and somehow turn into console vs PC and will eventually turn back into two people furiously typing shit at each other. Rinse and repeat this over a few hundred replies and it’ll be the exact same thing as last 50 threads about this.



They probably used macros @Thunder-Cats

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They spotted his ass up like a fireworks display

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What did he do in the video?

He reported them as cheating

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I knew that but does he call him out in the video or does it just show the report

He doesnt call them by name , as far as I could tell . He just said he was thinking of quitting the game because of cheaters, they proceeded to do the reporting mid game

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